Freefall Addicts' UK Skydiving

For the Summer 2006 season, Freefall Addicts will have a more permanent presence on the UK skydiving scene. Mike Worthington will be based in the Midlands and will be regularly running weekend skydiving activities, load organising, FS coaching and wind tunnel trips.
Everyone at Freefall Addicts sees this as a massive opportunity to help co-ordinate our student's future skydiving training. We will aim to use our skydiving forum as a mechanism for organising events and helping people to make new contacts in the sport. Who knows, with a little organising we could have a few 4-way teams for this Summer's UK nationals!

UK News and Gossip.......

A picture from Stephan William's 100th
A team photo sent to us by Andy Suett
Here some of our ex graduates get to grips with Speed 7 at Headcorn

Ever fancied jumping on a 4-way team? I know of a number of FFA customers that are very interested in being part of a 4-way formation skydiving team. If you are interested send an email to Mike with your current experience. As always, we will endeavour to support our students with as much coaching as is possible.

Rumour has it that Jenni; an April 2006 graduate from Freefall Addict will be jumping most weekends at Weston. She will be joined by two of the Happy Tree Friends; Katie and Heidi.

Keep your eyes peeled to the forum as it is highly likely that our first UK meeting will be at Weston, near Oxford.


Visit the Forum for details on UK Freefall Addicts activities