Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydiving is the easiest way to make your first skydive. You have the security of being attached to a highly qualified instructor, who will do all the work! Contact us for more info......


After a short ground school (about 30 minutes), you will kit-up and take an aircraft ride to at least 15,000 feet. You will leave the aircraft together with your instructor and freefall for up to 60 seconds to an altitude of about 5,500 feet where the instructor will deploy the canopy.

After deployement, there will be a 4 to 5 minute canopy ride. You will be able to help in navigating and steering the canopy back to the landing area.

Everything you need is provided in the price and you can purchase a fully edited DVD of your first jump experience as a souvenir.

All our tandem equipment is built, maintained and used in accordance with standards laid down by the manufacturers and by the parachute federations. All instructors are fully licenced and experienced skydivers. Please visit our prices section or contact us for more information.

Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!