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Competitive skydiving, in its various diciplines is an expensive and time consuming sport. With the ever increasing usage of wind tunnels, the design of the very latest canopies and the contant striving to push new boundaries; every athlete now has to give that little bit extra to try stay ahead of the game.

At Freefall Addicts, we feel honoured to be part of our customers skydiving adventures and as such feel we want to help wherever we can do put money back into the sport.


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Escondido 4-way Skydiving Team

Escondido was started by a group of friends who joined together during spring 2004 whilst on a skydiving holiday to Lake Elsinore. The team is made up by talented skydivers who have been active in the UK Grand Pris, UK Nationals and European Skydiving League since they formed.

Since 2004 the team has worked hard in training and are very much a force to be reconned with; with their collection of medals and reputation growing and growing. Have a look at the team profiles below to find out more:


Oli Pitchers is 25 and has been in the sport 7 years. He got into skydiving by joining the Sheffiled University Skydiving Club whist he was studying there. Oli still lives in Sheffield and jumps regularly at Hibaldstow. He flies tail slot on the formation and can regularly be seen throuwing Abi around the sky on various different type of block moves!

Oli's motto for life is: 'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space'!

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Guy Martin is a 27 year old engineer from Lincolnshire and has been skydiving nearly 6 years. He flies Outside Centre and can usually be seen helping Oli geek the camera on climbout! Guy's most embarrassing skydiving moment is when he made a dodgy cross wind landing I at Elsinore right outside the packing hall and with the Chief Instructor watching!

Guy has been helping out Freefall Addicts at the wind tunnel providing his skills as an FS coach.

Brian Cumming, otherwise known as Dangerous Brian is 29 and from London. Brian did his first static line jump in 1998 for his birthday. Brian decided to complete AFF in 2003 at Lake Elsinore. He has skydived all over the world including the UK, Spain, France, The USA and South Africa. Most of Brian's jumps are in team 4-way although he does like to try his hand at BigWay formation skydiving from time to time.

Brian flies Point (head of the formation) and when he is not jumping likes to prop up the Hibaldstow bar!

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Abi is 29 and from Sheffield. Along with her team mate Oli she was a member of the Sheffield Uni Club and jumps regularly at Hibaldstow. Most of Abi's jumps are Formation Skydiving and she flies Inside Centre for the team.

Abi's motto for life is: No-one else is going to achieve things for you, make your life better yourself.

Rob Gray is team cameraman and alternate 4-way skydiver . Rob's age is currently unspecified, but he informs us that he is not even close to qualifying for POPS yet! He has been in the sport 7 years and most of his jumping is done at Hibaldstow. Rob has about 30 freefly jumps but prefers to fly camera and do FS in the wind tunnel.

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Matt Pichel-Juan

Matthew is a former student of Freefall Addicts and soon to be employee! Matt can be seen here wearing his FFA sponsored rig, an Aerodyne Icon with Pilot 168 main canopy. Matt will join us at the start of 2007 to help out with our customer service and student program.

Matt completed his AFF courses in one day with us after making his first jumps at Skydive DeLand in Florida.

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Team Polaris

Here are Team Polaris made up of staff and friends of Freefall Addicts. Polaris are former Junior National Champions (2005) and now compete in the AA category for the British Nationals and European Skydiving League.

Over the 2006 season Polaris have trained at Skydive Spain, Empuria Brava, Target Skysports and of course Bodyflight Bedford. From left to right here is a short team profile:

Maxine Tate, a Film and Televsion Exec from London.

Luci Boella, a Skydiving Instructor from Brighton.

Mike Worthington, Freefall Addicts Owner and IT Consultant from Leeds.

Vic Scargill, a marketing consultant for Peugeot from Manchester.