Seville Nightlife

So what do we do when the sun goes down? Seville is a city rich in diversity and culture. The nightlife we have to offer here reflects that. Whether you want a quiet night at one of the many different types of restaurants, or to visit the theatre, or something a little more lively we have it all within a short distance from the parachute centre.


A vast array of smaller bars that attract a diverse international mix of visitors. The part atmosphere kicks in close to midnight and most bars stay open until the small hours.

Calle Betis

This famous street is in Triana, along the riverside and is notorious for it’s nightlife. A variety of large bars line the keyside, offering an impossible choice of places to start your evening.


Around Alameda, you can find a large variety of bars that line the extensive plaza offering live music in the early morning. This place is noted for the local artists and performers that frequent the area.


The modern area of the city where the young crowds, more often than not, start their evening. O’Neill’s Pub, is the largest Irish bar in the city and is a nice place to go for a cool pint of Guiness before heading on to the other nightlife spots in the area.


Exploring Seville

As you can see we have lots more to offer you on your skydiving holiday in sunny Seville. Please visit our exploring Seville section to see what else you could do on your holiday.........


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