September 2006 News

Tuesday 05/09/2006

Becky seems to be having a good time! One of the organsiers of the university group the Liverpool Skydivers, she's been funjumping and starting to work on some FS skills, along with downsizing canopy. Just before this jump she had been swimming in the dropzone pool, hence the slightly see through effect on her white jumpsuit!
A rare picture of me (!) with Andre who appears to be listening carefully! I'm sat on our freefall training trolley that we use to practice the 'arch' position that we adopt in freefall. Andre is originally Russian but is currently working as a website designer in the UK.
Wow Matt you need a shave! Matt and Adrian are also both with the Liverpool skydivers and we know Matt well as he's completed his AFF and FS1 courses with us on previous trips to Spain - a true Freefall Addict!

Wednesday 06/09/2006

Congratulations to Lea who has completed all her AFF course and 10 consolidation skydives during her time here.
Here is a picture of Simon Glover for his grandfather! Simon is pictured with his girlfriend, Jo, who did a tandem whilst here. Maybe we'll see you both back here soon if Jo decides to pursue her skydiving interests!
The Liverpool Skydivers have also been enjoying their time here - in the photo is Steve Luke. They've also been making the most of the Penthouse apartment features- watching DVD's, swimming in the pool - well they are students after all!

Thursday 07/09/2006

Another night at our favourite restaurant, Giant Haystacks! A mix of wild boar, pork, argentinian beef steaks, ostrich, lambs legs and chicken kebabs. This is definitely a meat eaters restaurant although there is a selection of salads and vegetable dishes too! This restaurant is only a few hundred metres from our Penthouse apartment too.
Kevin looks a bit startled here but has had a fantastic trip, along with his brother Diarmuid and friends Jerry and Brian Cahill. Brian trained with us a while ago and Kevin, Diarmuid and Jerry have been completing their AFF courses over the last few days.

Tuesday 12/09/2006

Welcome back to David and Iain Higgins - who are here for a few days from sunny Scotland to get some fun jumps in. They have been busy skydiving together, and even though not all of their jumps are working out 100% to plan, they are having fun trying!
Last time we saw Nick, Berni and Garry was a year or so ago - so it's great to see you all again! Just here for a few days to top up on some sunshine, although they do promise to come back soon. We'd also like to congratulate Berni and Garry who got married recently!

Wednesday 13/09/2006

Here are some of Freefall Addicts' sponsored athletes - Polaris 4-way, who were competing at the European Skydiving Leaugue finals at Spar in Belgium. Mike, one of our instructors flies on the team.

Friday 22/09/2006

Welcome to Andy Suett who has returned to Sevilla for some fun jumping.
Welcome to Richard who is here for some Freefly coaching. Richard is from Jersey and has been entertaining us all week with his magic skills. All those places you can hide a coin.......
Welcome to Sophie and Neil. Neil is here to complete his FS1 and Sophie is here for a little bit of a holiday!
We also welcome Dave, Neil and Olaf who are here for further training too. Pictures to follow.

Monday 25/09/2006

Here is Neil on one of his coached jumps with Mike. Neil is wearing one of our brand new Pilot 210 rigs and is working hard on his landings and accuracy.
Here are Olaf and Dave who have returned to Freefall Addicts to work on their flying skills
Here is Mike, one of our instructors coming in to land
Here are Rob and Greg just finishing off on their AFF ground school with Lamorna
Here is Nick who has returned to finish his FS1
Olaf and Richard on the landing area after taking an inflatable crocodile for a skydive!! This was for their 200th and 400th jumps respectively. They are both Barristers from Jersey and like to skydive in France...

Tuesday 26/09/2006

Here is Nick coming in to land....
A group shot of all the Freefall Addicts....from right to left - Andy, Olaf, Mike, Dave, Nick and Richard.
Here is Richard hanging on the strut just before we exit for a big way!
Here is the exit and it came out pretty good
Richard comes in to dock on the formation.
So Rob and Greg will be doing their first AFF skydives tomorrow and Neil will be doing his FS1 4-way.

Wednesday 27/09/2006

Here is Rob on his AFF Level 1 carring out his HASP which is where you start communicating with your instructors in freefall
Rob comes in to make a perfect landing
Here is Greg and his wife Kristy on the ground after their skydives. Greg did AFF level 1 and Kristy did a tandem skydive.
Here is kristy coming in to land on her tandem...
Neil turns the last point on his FS1 skydive..... congratulations mate!
Rob is released in freefall for the first time on his AFF level 3
Here are Lamorna and Mike from Freefall Addicts with Neil and Dave. This was the 4-way team that made up Neil's FS1 skydive.

Wednesday 27/09/2006 continued....

Here is Rob on his AFF level 4. He completed his level 5 today too.....
Here is Nick Smith on his FS1 course. This is the 3-way skydive before he completes his qualifying 4-way jump.

Thursday 28/09/2006

Here is Rob Larder exiting the aircraft on his level 7
Congratulations to Rob who has graduated one of our AFF courses!
Here is Nick Smith on his FS1 skydive, he turned 6 points in time. Well done mate!
Here are the guys in the bar celebrating! From the left there is Nick, Toby, Rob and Alex. Toby and Alex have just joined us today from Scotland.


More news to follow shortly.....