September 2005 News




  Here are Stuart, Mark and Stephen. All FS students on our advanced training courses.






  Stuart comes in after landing.






  Here Sam Friedrich gets ready for his AFF level 2.






  Sam on his level 3. His instructors release him in freefall for the first time.






  Here is Sam working on turns on AFF level 4.








  Sam and Ulli prepare for the next days skydiving. Only a few more levels to go until you jump solo!






  Sam in the aircraft getting ready for AFF level 7.






  Ready to skydive? Hell yes!!






  Sam exits for level 7.






  Congratulations to Sam who has just graduated from our AFF course. Beers in the bar tonight!!







  Here is Mikey, he runs the Freefly School, Freefly Euphoria. Please visit our Freefly section in courses for more information.






  Mikey and Pablo from Euphoria get ready to exit the Porter on a training jump.






  Here is Mikey demonstrating the head down flying technique.






  Mikey and Pablo head down.






  Neil Munro, a previous AFF student returns to complete his FS1 training.






  Here is Neil training for a 3-way exit.






  Neil walks out for his next jump. To his right is Alex Gibson. A returning student who is also doing his FS1.






  Pablo is now ranked 8th in the senior world swoop class. He is also ranked 3rd in Europe. Here he is after landing from a Freefly coach jump. If you are interested in canopy or freefly coaching with Pablo, contact us for more information.






  Here is Alex making a landing approach under one of our brand new canopies.






  Alex after landing!







  Marcus and one of our pilots Luis sort out some issues!!






  Paul Stoneham with instructor Ulli walking to the plane for aff level 1.






  Luci and Craig work on some ground training.






  Alex walks in after one of many training jumps.






  Paul Stoneham after his level 1. I think he enjoyed it!!






  Luci and Craig get ready for AFF level 3.






  Neil Munro has just completed his FS1 formation skydiving qualification. Well done!






  Nick walks to the aircraft for his AFF level 1.






  Nick under canopy.






  Craig under canopy, about to make his landing approach.






  Craig and Luci after level 3.






  Nick Wilkins after his first skydive!






  Marcus works on some ground footage for Nick's video







  Dani (right) one of the dropzone owners and instructors is getting married, so we decided to have a party......any excuse!






  This is the outside bar at the dropzone. We open this for those long summer evenings.....and parties!!






  A few of our students discuss their jumps over a pint...






  The party is now in full swing....






  Nick looks happy after another days jumping.






  Kathi works in the DZ office. You will probably meet her when you first arrive at the dropzone.






  Toni, Luis and Pedro enjoy a beer together.







  Our very own Lamorna Harpin gets to grips with 007 Barry Maple (her boyfriend) on an FS1 training jump.






  Here you can see Barry getting ready to take stills and video of one of our students in freefall. This is part of the service we offer.






  Here Neil works on his 4-way skills with three of our instructors.






  Mikey coaches a sit fly exit from the Porter.






  Here is one of our AFF students, Matt Coughlan from the Liverpool Skydivers Club. Matt is jumping with Steffan and has so far managed AFF levels 1,2,3 and 4 today!






  Paul and Alex come in from the landing area. Paul has nearly finished his AFF now having completed level 6.






  Nick Wilkins- he would like to say hello/send his love to his missus!








What a day! Everyone has really achieved a lot.....

Back row left to right:
Craig, David, Nick, Matt, Paul and Nick.

These guys are all on our school's courses at the moment. Both Paul and Nick managed to get through levels 2,3,4,5, and 6 today!!

Front row left to right are the school's staff:
Barry, Lamorna, Luci, Ulli, Steffan and Marcus












  Here is Craig Mcdonald....he has just graduated AFF. He can now skydive solo. Congratulations!!






  Matt Coughlan, has just done level 5 and is jumping with Steffan.






  Here is Nick Wilkins exiting the aircraft for his level 7. Nick has now graduated. Congratulations! Below are some in air shots from his course:

























Some action shots from Craig's course:












  Another graduate!! Here is Paul on one of his AFF levels. The other person you can see is Luci, one of his instructors.






  Here is Paul giving the thumbs up on his level 7. Congratulations!







  Nick landing on one of his consolidation jumps.






  Whilst you are doing your course, your friends or family could do a tandem....check out for more info.






  One of our student canopies coming down on the sunset lift.






  Nick has finished his consols now and has started his FS1 training with Marcus (he was also his AFF instructor).






  Here is David Miers after his AFF level 6.






  A frequent return visitor, Paul Naylor after one of his FS1 training jumps.






  Time to watch the videos of todays action.....







  Gear up! Luci prepares Matt for another AFF jump.






  Matt is from the Liverpool University skydiving club.






  Here is Pablo swooping the pond....again!









  Lesley Garrett, not the singer! - after AFF level 3.






  Frazer Wells !! Oh my god! AFF in 24 hours!






  This is our record breaking student with his AFF instructor Ulli.







  Paul and a few of the other guys around the dropzone prepare for a naked skydive.






  Paul returns......covering up!







  Here is Frazer wells on his AFF course......



















-xxxxxxxClick here for some enlarged pictures from Nick Boxall-Hunt's jumps.....



-xxxxXxClick here for some pictures of Lesley Garrett on her AFF


Last week in September

-xxxxxxHi everyone, sorry there has not been any updates for the last few days, we have been very busy. xxxxx


  Here is Mark Nicoll exiting for his Level 7.






  Mark gets a thumbs up from his instructor Barry for a perfect level.






  David Bently, sports editor in the UK press is released in freefall for the first time on his level 3. His instructors are Mike and Barry.






  David on his Level 4.






  Here is Ruth Bridge on her AFF course with Ulli Bulli!












  Perfect exit Ruth!!






  Ken Willis on his level 3.






  Pablo seems to like Ken's body position....






  007 Barry Maple gives our students some advice about buying their first rig. Currently we are offering new sets of gear from 2995 Sterling, the best value in Europe!








-xxClick here for some pictures of what else has been going on over the last week, including our Birdman event!