Brand New Rig - From £2850 ex vat!

The Icon not only provides you with a comfortable, reliable and good looking rig, it also incorporates new technology, not found on any other system in the world. Comfort, style, and options are a "given", but the Icon is more. New technology designed to address the current and future needs of skydivers around the world.

The name says it all. A canopy designed by pilots for pilots. Consistent and reliable openings, excellent glide, predictable, responsive turns and great landings. The Pilot is an ideal intermediate canopy, particularly for those people wanting to buy their first rig. A canopy that you can truly enjoy, without the need to work at it.

The Smart is the state of the art in reserve canopies. Strength, reliability, and performance manufactured to the world's highest standards. All of this technology and quality is available with a small pack volume, and is compatible with all modern harness/container systems.

CYPRES is the unit used to deploy your reserve if you are unable to do so. It is the most commonly used Automatic Activation Device in the world. More than 80,000 units are in actual use and save the lives of more than 80 skydivers each year.

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