Parachute Packing

Learning to pack your parachute can save you a lot of money and time on your skydiving holiday. Freefall Addicts have included every advanced parachute packing technique required into their course, to ensure that after your days training you are skilled enough to be able to safely jump your own pack job. Most people decide to do this course after purchasing their own rig, this is usually the best time to start. That being said, we can offer this course as part of your AFF, FS1 or canopy training. Contact us!


Packing a parachute is done in a series of stages. We break each of these stages down into a clear set of instructions. We will demonstate exactly how to complete every phase and then you will practice for yourself.

Whilst you are working we will show you the best techniques to make the job as easy as possible, checking every detail along the way.

First of all we will show you how to prepare your parachute after a jump for packing. The next step is learn how to check that all your lines are free from entanglements.


We will then move on to preparing the canopy to lay on the ground. Next we look at how to check that all of your lines are laying in the right place and how to fold the canopy ready to put in the bag.

Getting the parachute into the bag is usually the hardest part of the pack job, so we take a lot of time here to show you the best way to do this.


Once the parachute is in the bag you will then learn how to stow all your lines and place the packjob into the container. We will then look at how to close the container and fold the pilot chute.

After you have worked on all this we will then ask you to do a full pack cycle with minimum assisance. If you complete this to a high standard you can then jump your own pack job!

For information about our packing courses please visit our prices page or contact us for more details.