Our Promise to our Customers

We will return your telephone calls or emails the same day or the next working day.

We will be flexible and allow you to learn when you want at the pace that suits you. Our courses are designed round your lifestyle.

We ensure that teaching and learning are of the highest quality and in your best interests, using the most modern techniques, equipment and information available.

From the first time you contact us we will provide you with guidance and support, continuously throughout your skydiving career.

We do not like JARGON or small print and so we keep our website simple by talking in plain English, explaining terminology where needed. We also provide a comprehensive glossary to explain further any skydiving related terms.

We promise that whether you are a couple, group or single traveller, you will make new friends and your experience with Freefall Addicts will stay in your memory for many years.

By all means we welcome you to talk to others first or afterwards, but we ask that you give us an opportunity to see for yourself that we are in a different league. We are confident that you will choose Freefall Addicts for our professional, trustworthy and conscientious service.

It at any time you feel we are not keeping to our charter, then contact us on 0141 416 0070, or use our contact page information.

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