October 2006 News

Sunday 01/10/2006

Welcome back to Diana, Nate, Joel and Jez. Diana and Joel are recent graduates from Freefall Addicts and have returned with their friends for some fun jumping.
Welcome to Pete (left) who has come to Skydive Spain to learn to fly a wingsuit. Pete is an old friend of Freefall Addicts from our time in Madrid.
Rob comes in for a landing having just completed his AFF Level 8
Pete comes in to land his canopy. Pete has just purchased a brand new set of gear from Aerodyne.
Here is Toby after completing his final consolidation jump.
Joel comes in to land his canopy having just completed a 4-way skydive with some friends.
Alex comes in to land his new canopy. Alex is an Air Traffic Controller from Glasgow.
Diana is pictured here jumping her brand new kit. She has completed her AFF, FS1 and also done some tunnel time - all in the last 6 months!

Wednesday 04/10/2006

Alex Gibson from Glasgow has been cramming the jumps in over the last few days despite a few late nights! Here is a pic of him jumping his fairly new parachute system bought through our gear store.
Alex has been jumping with Gail who is pictured here, Joel Gluth, Diane, Nate and Jez to name but a few! Gail recently completed her AFF course so is appreciating the advice of a slightly more experienced jumper.
Toby Herron has completed all of his consolidation skydives and there is no stopping him now! Today he completed two FS (formation skydiving) coached jumps, learning forwards and backwards movement and a more advanced skydiving position called the 'Mantis'.
At the end of the day all of the skydivers, students and experienced, sit down for a drink together. It's been a busy day with an army 4-way team doing training, some freeflyers, students and BirdMan jumps all being carried out.....

Thursday 05/10/2006

Today Alex our BirdMan instructor has been busy ground schooling several students who are all keen to make their first wingsuit skydive.
There have also been lots of fun jumpers meeting together for the first time over the last few days, and finding new people to jump with. Whether you have 50 jumps or 500 jumps it's easy to find someone fun to skydive with!
Toby has been busy as well today squeezing in the skydives before he leaves tomorrow. He has already extended his flights once though, and is very glad that he did. From just a few coached jumps, he is now having fun doing 2 and 3 way skydives with other fun jumpers on the dropzone and has said that this has been his best skydiving trip ever!
Here we have Nate and Di who both post regularly on the Freefall Addicts forum and are die hard Redlands (North London Parachute Centre) fans. Whenever these is trouble these two are likely to be involved (possibly with Alex Gibson and/or Joel Gluth in tow as well)!

Tuesday 10/10/2006

There have been lots of fun jumpers at the dropzone over the last few weeks, and pictured here are some of the regular skydivers- Cesar, Jo and Jose. Jo (centre) travels from Portugal every week to Seville just to skydive!
Manolo and Duardo after a fun jump. No matter what your experience level is, the experienced skydivers here are always happy to offer free advice to newer jumpers. There are 4 way skydivers, freeflyers and BirdMen here to keep you busy.
Thanks to Tag for this great shot of Gail in freefall!
Finally, at the end of the day it's time for us all to sit down together for a drink. Instructors, parachute packers, new AFF students - the table gets bigger and bigger as people finish their days skydiving. In the next few days we welcome Paul Durkin from Ireland to do his AFF course, along with his girlfriend Lorraine. Mikey Carpenter is now back to Seville from team Outbreak who recently won gold in the British Nationals - contact us for further information on receiving coaching!

Wednesday 11/10/2006

Today some of us went to the local nature reserve that's located just outside of Seville.
About a half hour drive, this safari park allows you to either drive through in your own car; or sit in the carriages on the tractor train. We had a brilliant time and definitely worth the trip!
As you can see from the photos you can get really close to the animals as they all congregrate by the side of the track that you drive along.
Congratulations to Nick who is racing through the AFF course! Nick works as an ambulance technician with his friend Paul, who is a paramedic (picture of Paul below). Nick would also like to send his love to his girlfriend who is a Doctor working in Australia at the moment.
We also welcome Paul Durkin to skydive with us this week. Paul is seen here getting ready for his AFF level 1 skydive. His girlfriend Lorraine joins him; she has completed a tandem skydive before but will just be enjoying the sunshine whilst she is here in Spain, and taking in the sights of Sevilla.
Sam has returned to the dropzone just to say hello for a few days whilst he stays with friends in Malaga. Working as a photographer in London, Sam mainly jumps at Hinton when he is in the UK and has been seen on a few occasions at the monthly London Skydiver's Drinks nights.
Whilst Paul's friend Nick is learning to skydive, he is concentrating on his freeflying. Taking advantage of Team Outbreak's coaching available here, he is already doing very well in the basic maneouvres. Jim and Mikey Carpenter (who many of you will know from Skydive Lillo and the UK coaching roadshows) make up the team - Jim used to be in 'Space' and Mikey was a member of the 'Euphoria' team. Their combined efforts won them GOLD in the UK Nationals competitions this Summer, they really are the top team in the country at the moment!

Thursday 12/10/2006

Sam and Paul both have big grins after their skydives, and what a great day to be jumping! Even though we are nearing mid October, the weather here is still glorious with blue skies and lots of sunshine.
A big well done to Paul Durkin who just completed his first skydive! Paul is from Ireland and has completed some static line jumps, but found that the weather and static line system did not work very well for him - he was too impatient to get onto the freefall side of things...
Sam lands after another skydive on his new equipment. Remember to look at the gear store part of our website and should you want impartial advice on any type of skydive equipment, new or used, just give us a call!
No, this isn't another photo from the Safari park... For those of you who haven't been here before, Sidney (she is a girl!) is our Freefall Addicts mascot. A friend to everyone, although you need to watch out if you are an old Spanish man as for some reason she's got something against them!

Saturday 14/10/2006

This week there are 9 RAF AFF students training on the AFF course. Some are aiming to eventually be instructors, others are just looking to skydive for fun!
Bill and Jo have both travelled from Portugal to jump here in Seville. Most weekends they escape to Spain and are both doing FS coaching so that they can jump with other skydivers.
Jim has returned to complete his consolidation skydives after his AFF course and brings along his lovely girlfriend Lisa. She is a school teacher specialising in Maths and did a tandem skydive today. She loved the jump and hopes to come back towards the beginning of next year to do the AFF course.
Graham Tait and Ian Brown aka Brownie are with Jim and Lisa to enjoy the Seville weather for the weekend. Graham is 14 skydives from his 100th so is hoping to get that completed whilst he's here...

Sunday 15/10/2006

Graham is well on the way to making his 100th jump, and Ian Brown is just behind him - just a few more skydives to go! Like the poses guys...
Jim's girlfriend Lisa has just done her first skydive, a Tandem jump. She had to get it videoed to show to her friends and family back home. As you can see she is all smiles and there is even talk of her coming back out to Spain to complete the AFF course.
In this photo we have Ian Brown, Lisa Darlington, Jim Horrox and Graham Tait. Jim has completed all of his consolidation skydives now too. The weather is still nice and warm even though we're in mid October!
At the end of the day we all sit down together to enjoy the sunset before heading to the local Tapas bar for some dinner.

Monday 16/10/2006

Ray Jackson is back out to skydive for a few days and has been doing some FS skydives with Danny Grace. Ray jumps at Headcorn in Kent.
Ian and Graham continue to surprise us with their unique skydiving style! Here we can see them practicing their new exit move, the 'leg pull'!
I did a jump with Graham and Ian to see if their exit worked - and here it is! We even got Mikey Carpenter and Jim Harris from Outbreak to check it out. According to Mikey, it's a 'leg pull loop'!!!! Nice job guys... It's been fun and we hope to see you all back soon.
Pictured from left to right is Ian, Ray, Graham, Jim, Lamorna, Lisa, Tammy and Danny. Tammy did a tandem skydive today. It was her first skydive and she loved it! She was jumping up and down for about half an hour afterwards and has watched the video at least 5 times today!

Tuesday 24/11/2006

Welcome to Chris Nel who is here to learn to skydive. Chris is a consultant originally from South Africa. Chris is being trained for us by Skydive Lillo.
Here is Chris with his instructors Marcus and Dean. They are working on exits for AFF Level 1. Chris went on to complete level 2 and is now just about to get on the aircraft for level 3.
Welcome to Alex, David and Laura who are here to learn to skydive. Alex is in the TA and is looking forward to jumping at Neveravon, where he can take advantage of cheaper military jumps. Laura and David are brother and sister and are from South London.
Here is Alex working on his freefall body position!

Friday 27/11/2006

Here are some fun jumpers about to get on the aircraft. The weather is nice and sunny, about 21 degrees..
Here is Dave on his AFF Level 1, this is his first ever freefall
Dave is on the ground after a great skydive. He is pictured here with his sister Laura, who is about do go up for her Level 1!
This is Laura just after exit. Ian cannot resist geeking the camera!
Laura with instructor Mike and brother David after her first jump

Saturday 28/10/2006

Here is David preparing for his AFF level 3. You can see him working on the sequence of the skydive with his instructors Mike and Jonno
David did a really good job and is moving on to level 4 next...
Welcome to Ben who trained with us in Madrid. Ben is here for an end of UK season holiday and to do some fun jumps.
Welcome to Jill who too trained with us in Madrid. Jill is here with Ben and she has been working on her canopy skills on one of our brand parachute systems
Here is Laura on the ground after finishing off her AFF Level 3. Level 4 tomorrow!
Another beautiful sunset here in Spain. The weather has been awesome today. If you want to avoid the cold snap in the north of Europe then why not head down here for your skydivng holidays!
A few of the instructors and jumpers at the parachute centre retire to the bar for the evening.

Sunday 29/10/2006

PJ Kennedy and his friend Peter Marriott have joined us for a few days this week so that Peter can do his AFF course, and PJ can get current again. We know PJ from Madrid where he started his skydiving training so it's great to see him getting back up in the air again! Peter has never skydived before, but can't wait to get in the plane.
PJ has done his ground school refresh and did his skydive with Mike, but he didn't want to smile though! Maybe next jump...

Peter waits for PJ to get down to find out if he enjoyed his skydive, and finally we get a smile! Peter has completed his ground school now and is looking forward to doing his AFF level 1 first thing in the morning. Peter manages a pub in London with his girfirend and two dogs- and he sends his love to them all.

Meanwhile, brother and sister, David and Laura are racing through their AFF courses. David is getting ready for his last AFF jump with an instructor; level 7.

Here is a freefall photo of Dave on his AFF skydive carrying out a 'track'. This is the way that we can travel horizontally through the air. Congratulations to David today because he passed his AFF level 7, meaning that he is now cleared to jump solo and start his consolidation jumps!


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