October 2005 News


Here is Stuart being congratulated by Marcus on passing his FS1
We had an Eclipse of the sun today!



Alex Gibson gets to grips with his parachute. He is on one of our packing courses.
Jose and Marcus come in after an AFF level 4.
Ian McLuskey, a recent graduate of ours, returns to work on some more advanced skills.
Alex and Clare come in after an FS jump. Alex is a regular visitor here and Clare in on her first visit to Lillo.
Derby and his group head to the aircraft. Derby is one of the many travelling instructors that have decided Skydive Lillo is the best location in Spain to run their courses.
Sunsets are quite spectacular here in Lillo.
As usual, jumping finishes and the beer starts flowing. This is where we watch all the days videos, catch up with our friends and generally let our hair down.....


Welcome back to Phil Cullen who does a check out dive with Luci
Eileen Fitzell, from County Kerry in Ireland lands her canopy on AFF level 1.
Frazer Wells returns for some fun jumping. Frazer lives in Barcelona, but chooses to jump at Skydive Lillo!
Eileen walks in from her first skydive at Lillo
The weather is always good here in sunny Spain! Our visitors from the North of Europe are often seen basking in the sun!
Eileen gets ready for AFF level 3
Phil Harpin, Lamorna's dad, gets ready for an introduction to skydiving!
The dream team............
Phil seems to be enjoying himself here in Lillo
We can provide introductions to skydiving that give you more than just a tandem jump. Call us for information about our first jump courses...
Eileen after AFF Level 3 where she was released in freefall for the first time on the course. Level 4 next.....

15/10/2005 - 24/10/2005

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of news updates over the last week. We have been busy in preparation for the arrival of the new aircraft. See below a collection of photos from the last few days.

Part of our load organising team from the Dornier arrival boogie. Kutabai freefly!!
Here she is, taking off on her first lift!
The dropzone has been really busy over the last few days, this is now a typical scene from the hanger...
Mark and Jay return to Lillo for some more fun jumping, they are both recent AFF graduates from here. Mark is a security consultant and Jay is a paratrooper
Sunny days! Here is what it is like in central Spain during late October......not too bad hey??!
Maxine (right), an experienced 4-way jumper and AFF graduate at Lillo returns to do some fun jumping.
Eileen and Luci after an AFF jump. Eileen will return to Ireland now :-( but will hopefully be back in the next few months to further her skills.
Looks like a plan! - Load organising by Freefall Addicts..........
Look at the size of that door! The dimensions of our new jumpship make it an ideal aircraft for team training and will be attracting 4-way and 8-way teams to skydive Lillo from around Europe....
We may need a bigger hanger! - There are now two full time aircraft in operation at Lillo and this is now an everyday scene after landing!
Extreme 14 way (with camera)! Hopefully we will be building up to 25-way with both the Pilatus and Dornier by the end of the week.
Practice makes perfect.......here you can see our load organisers taking the jumpers through a final skydive run through before the they take to the skies.....
Here are some pictures from Eileen's course. You can see her working on practice pulls here.
Eileen is released in freefall for the first time
Here is Eileen on level 4
and on level 5......
The big way participants get ready to board the aircraft...
2 minutes to drop.....
Exit exit!!!
This is a start of the build of the main part of the formation.
Here is Mark Owen on his FS1 4-way skydive
Look at the size of our new aircraft! - Here we are getting ready for Maxine's 300th Jump.
Maxine's 300th Jump was a Hybrid Skydive, mixing a belly formation with Freeflyers!
Here we are on the ground after the jump.
Another photo from one of our big ways....
Nearly built!
From an outside view!!


More updates to follow!