November 2006 News

Wednesday 01/11/2006

We have improved our facilities further with the addition of Sky TV. We can now receive all the major British channels and even watch the footie! This complements our extensive collection of DVDs and our Playstation 2.

Here is David exiting the aircraft to complete his AFF Level 8

Here is Katie who works on the manifest at the parachute centre doing a fun jump with Mike

Congratulations to Laura who has graduated AFF today with an awesome level 7 skydive!
Here is Pete on his AFF Level 3. He has been released in freefall for the first time by his instructors Ian and Mike. Pete will move on to level 4 tomorrow.


Thursday 02/11/2006

We say goodbye today to Pete, PJ, David and Laura. Between the they completed 38 skydives in 5 days! Pete was only here for a couple so will return to finish off his AFF in the New Year. PJ completed the remainder of his consolidation jumps and his AFF Level 8. David and Laura finished their AFF courses too.
The Dornier, as pictured above will arrive soon here in Seville. It is a twin prop turbine aircraft that will climb to 15000ft in 10 minutes. It has a capacity of 15 and is perfect for student parachuting. Here you can see a 4-way team launching from it.
Football tonight. A few of us went to the Irish bar in Seville to watch Manchester United Vs Copenhagen. A nice pint of Guinness and a bit of scoff too.......all is good!
After the footie we decided to go check out the Sevilla Festival which is being held in Parc de Louisa. There you can buy produce, food and drinks from many different corners of the Spanish speaking world. As soon as we arrived we headed to the Cuban bar for some Mojitos!!!


Friday 03/11/2006

The Freefall Addicts Team are working in the UK until the 9th of November. We are still contactable through all the usual methods however.

We are planning on running a wind tunnel trip on Sunday the 03rd of December. If anyone else is interested please contact us ASAP!

As some of you may be aware we have a new instructor starting on the 14th. She is called Sally Uren and will be working for our skydiving school as an AFF instructor and FS coach.

Also, we have another member of staff starting at the beginning of the New Year. His name is Matt Pichel. He will be heading up our foreign languages contingent so expect to see some further work being done on our website to support this.

As always we strive to make our customers number one priority and as such we are looking at ways to expand the Freefall Addicts business into new areas. Keep you eyes peeled to the news for some very exciting announcements in the next few months!

Bookings are coming in thick and fast over Christmas and New Year so please try and book as early as possible to avoid dissapointment. We understand that some schools in Spain can put a limit on the number of bookings they take, but due to our unique organisational structure we have many AFF instructors on standby to come and help us out at a moments notice.

Three reasons to come to Seville at this time of year:

We have the weather, meaning no freezing your ass off in the morning, in the air and last thing at night like at many other locations in Spain.

We have two aircraft (10 seater and 15 seater) climbing to 15000ft in less than 12 minutes on every lift.......

We have the best equipment, the best accommodation and the most proffessional staff in the entire of Europe!

Thursday 09/11/2006

We welcome Andy Hoar who has come to sunny Seville this week to complete the AFF course. Andy is a pilot with British Airways and is looking forward to having someone else fly the plane for a change!
Andy is pictured here with his instructor Mike getting ready for his first AFF skydive. You can see him here adjusting his leg straps for a perfect fit.
Congratulations on Andy's first skydive! He did a fantastic job and has passed to level 2. In the photo you can see Mike observing Andy landing his parachute.

Friday 10/11/2006

He has a special message for one of his friends: "Iain, you're so ancient, we don't have ripcords anymore - as ever, desperately out of date!" Check back tomorrow for more of Andy's pearls of wisdom...
Andy is now on his AFF level 3 skydive where the two instructors release for the first time. If he passes this level he will progress to level 4 and one AFF instructor instead of two.
Well Andy did a great job on his AFF level 3 and has now been passed to level 4 which he will do first thing tomorrow morning. Tonight we are all off to our favourite restaurant, Giant Haystacks.

Saturday 11/11/2006

This morning Andy has started off doing AFF level 4. Here you can see him boarding the aircraft with his instructor Mike.
If you look carefully in this picture you can see the coastline where the sky meets the sea before meeting the land. We're about a 45 minute drive from the beach here in Seville and the temperature has been in the mid twenties today! This is Andy on his Level 5 working on freefall turns.
Here we have a freefall shot of Andy on his AFF level 6 and the last skydive of the day. He is performing a maneuvure called a 'track'. This is where skydivers gain horizontal movement to ensure safe separation between skydivers before we deploy our parachutes.
Congratulations to Andy for passing AFF level 6. First thing tomorrow he will do his AFF level 7. After this, Andy is then cleared to go onto his consolidation skydives. The AFF level 8 can be performed any time during the consoldation jumps.
What a beautiful sunset to finsih the day! The aircraft makes one last pass before coming to land.

Sunday 12/11/2006

Today Andy graduated the AFF course! Congratulations! In the exit in this photo you can see Andy in a ball shape as he leaves the aircraft. We call this an unstable exit and it's used to show that the student is able to recover into a safe 'stable' position.
A perfect touchdown landing for Andy's 1st consolidation skydive. Throughout his AFF skydives Andy has been working through his CH1 qualification; this is one of the requirements for the BPA A certificate.
And here he is, completing the CH1 exam. The CH1 qualification is comprised of a series of canopy exercises and manuevures and a written test. To gain the A certificate you need to have completed the AFF course, 10 consolidation skydives and the CH1 qualification.
As you can see, Andy is enjoying his consolidation skydives. Today he completed his AFF level 7, some consolidation jumps, the AFF level 8 AND his CH1 exam and canopy exercises.

Monday 13/11/2006

BBQ time! The DZ is busy so we decided to get everyone together for a party. Mikey and Alex took charge and turned out to be great chefs!
We say goodbye to Andy today. He has completed 16 skydives in 4 days! Andy is planning on coming back at Christmas for some further training. He has managed to complete his CH1 too as well as working towards both USPA and BPA licences.

Wednesday 15/11/2006

Welcome to Sally Uren. Sally has joined us as an AFF instructor and will be helping us out over the winter. Sally is very experienced and has done the majority of her jumps at Skydive New England in Maine USA.
We are pleased to anounce the opening of our new online photo gallery. Here you can upload and share pictures with fellow freefall addicts! Your username and password from the forum will work to log you on, so you can get started straight away. There is a link to the gallery on the home page and on the menu. Please report any problems with the user interface to Mike.
Welcome to Ronan who is here to complete his Formation Skydiving Course. Ronan trained with us originally in Madrid and was at a Freefall Addicts Wind Tunnel Camp in November last year.

Friday 17/11/2006

Here is Ronan working on his freefall currency training. He is about to go up and jump with Sally.
Ronan is about to get on the aircraft to 15000ft! He is wearing on of our new student containers.
Here is Mikey, our resident Freefly coach. Mikey is working with Nasco at the moment on some advanced head down flying techniques.
Here are Ronan and Sally on the landing area after the first jump of the day. As you can see, blue skies and lots of sunshine. The temperatures are in the 20's already..... where else in Europe can claim that at the end of November?

Sunday 19/11/2006

Welcome to Dave Wood who is here for some fun jumping. Dave trained with us in Madrid last year.
Here is Ronan in freefall on his FS1 course
Here are some more friend of Freefall Addicts here for a weekends fun jumping. Bego on the left is an AFF instructor and helps out with coaching.
Sally, Ronan and Mike on the landing area after Ronan's FS1 3-way

Thursday 23/11/2006

We welcome Ady (Adrian) Tavener this week who is here to complete his AFF course. Here you can seem him practicing his body position on one of our horizontal training trolleys.
Ady has been getting on really well throughout his ground school today. I managed to get this pic of Ady and Sally just before they started practicing the exits lesson in the aircraft. Ady is from Portsmouth and teaches first aid courses, he completed one static line jump about 7 years ago so is looking forward to experiencing freefall for the first time!

Sunday 26/11/2006

Here is Adrian on his AFF Level 1. You can see the aircraft starting to dive just after we exited
Adrian in the door on his AFF level 2. He is just checking out with his instructor before he starts his exit count.
Jackabo lands his canopy on a sunny winters afternoon in Seville. Jackabo just completed his FS1 course and did a 12 point 4-way!

Monday 27/11/2006

Here is Ady on his level 3. He has just been release in freefall of the first time, but is still under the watchful eyes of his instructors Sally and Mike.
Ady is working on his turns for level 4



More news to follow.....