November 2005 News


We are pleased to announce that our prices for AFF courses are being reduced this winter. You can now do AFF with us for €1200 inclusive of ground school, gear hire and all instructor training, all you have to do is get on an aircraft!



Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates over the last few days. The schools has been in the UK running a tunnel camp for new and experienced skydivers. We had a total of 27 people come on our camp and it was really nice to get all those people back together who did courses out in Spain this year. Here are a few pictures taken over the last few days..........
Here is Liz Rice working with the tunnel coach on still flying skills. Liz is currently on an AFF course with our school.
Here is David O'regan, a former graduate of ours working on some more advanced relative work
Here is Ronan, another graduate of ours working on body position and stability techniques
Wendy, girlfriend of Graham Read (an ex-graduate) tries out freefall simulation. She appears to be a natual!
This is the space we have available to work with and this is how the tunnel coaches work with less experienced belly flyers. As you can see the potential for learning in this environment is huge.....
Here Michael, an AFF student of ours works on trying to maintain heading and relaxing.


Here Ian Waites works on some FS skills
Steffan enjoys some time one on one with the tunnel coach
Team X get to grips with some 4-way block work. The team members are Luci, Maxine, Vicky and Mike. All instructors or regular visitors at Skydive Lillo.
Barry and Richard, our resident tunnel rats get in the tunnel again. Rich says he wants two hours next time! Barry can often be seen sculking around the tunnel door trying to get in whenever he can!


A big thank you to everyone for helping us to make our first tunnel camp a great event. We are already starting to plan our next camp in January 2006. Get in contact early to book your place!
For anyone out there wanting to find out how people enjoyed our trip, have a look at our feedback section...


Hi everyone, we have been busy working on our Florida skydiving trip in February and our wind tunnel in January 2006. Please see our events section for more information.
Mel, our Romanian kit store manager comes back in from a fun jump. In the back ground is Richard another long term resident in our big dropzone family.
Our new shop. Anything you need from rigs to goggles to gloves to altimeters - we got it!
Welcome back to Tom Price. He has come back to do some more fun jumping.
Welcome back to Stuart, a former AFF student at Lillo. He has returned to complete his FS1.



Here is a new rig that has been ordered through our skydiving shop. We are currently offering large discounts on new equipment. Please call for a quote. +44 (0)141 416 0070
Our new student equipment has arrived! We are constantly striving to make sure our customers have the very best equipment to jump. See our student equipment page for more info....
Our team - Come and join the best skydiving school in Europe!
We have AFF and USPA Coach courses running this week. We hope for this to be a regular occurance. If you are an experienced skydiver why not check out links section and see what you can do with your skydiving career......
007 Barry Maple runs another packing lesson for Tom, Eric and Tristran. These guys are former students and are returning for some fun jumping.


Barry shows off his instructor rig. Freefall Addicts believes that students should feel part of our family. So take a look at the brand new kit you will be jumping below
These are our brand new student containers. Please see our equipment section for more information.
I guess the AFF course is getting to Hispa and Edu!


Welcome back to Matt, who is here to work on his BPA FS1
Our AFF instructors course you can see some ground preps
Matt exits the Dornier on his 2nd FS jump. We were working on forwards movement and docking skills.


BPA FS courses in Spain!- Check out Matt, working on his slot flying...
Here is what our new equipment looks like in flight.
Matt and Barry get ready for the sunset load....


Welcome back to Mark Nicoll from Surrey. Mark has returned for a long weekend to finish off the last of his consolidation jumps and to do some further fun jumping. He plans to return in February to do his BPA Formation Skydiving FS1 Course
Welcome to John Clements. John is here to learn to skydive with the Freefall Addicts. John is an investment consultant from London
Welcome back to Paul Stoneham. Paul has returned to do some fun jumping and complete his BPA FS1.
Lamorna our USPA Coach and Barry our AFF school manager put John through his ground school. Here at Freefall Addicts we believe that a one student to one instructor ratio makes training so much more effective, but sometimes we go a little further and give you two instructors!!
Welcome back to Roy Moignard who has made yet another return visit to do some fun jumping with us. You can see Roy with his brand new Aerodyne Pilot 168 main canopy which we purchased through the Freefall Addicts skydiving store.
Back to the AFF instructors course. Here you can see Frank Carreras, AFF Instructor course director putting the would be instructors through their paces. To become an AFF instructor you have to pass a very stringent set of requirements, both in the air, on the ground and in the classroom. All tests are held under exam conditions.
Paul Stoneham gets involved with some of the other fun jumpers on the dropzone. Here you can see a 2-way formation skydive being planned. Skydiving is great for meeting people you might never come accross in everyday life.
Here Luci Boella, one of our AFF Instructors and an AFF Instructor Evaluator, working with Edu one of his examination ground briefings.


Here is John Clements on his AFF Level 1. You can see that both instructors are holding on to him, making for a nice stable freefall. The instructors are using a series of in air signals to enable John to learn the basic body position as quickly as possible.
Roy and Paul come in from a fun jump together.
Mark arrives back from the student landing area after making another consolidation jump.
John returns back form his level two. Another job well done! - Level 3 next.
Well done to all our AFF instructor candidates. They all passed with flying colours. For more information about future instructor courses call our sales line.


Blue skies! - John, Barry and Mark get ready for another skydive
John on his level 4
John masters heading control while his instructor keeps a close watch
Mark comes in for a landing. Mark has made 10 jumps over this weekend!
Smiles all around. John and Mark on the ground after the last jump of the day.
We have great sunsets here, and this is the site most skydivers see before they take up their seats in the bar, drink a beer and watch the days skydiving footage.


Congratulations to Paul Stoneham who graduated his BPA FS1 today. Paul completed 10 points on his 4-way qualification dive. He jumped with Marcus and Pedro from the Thailand 2005 world record team and Luci Boella who is currently part of Team Polaris - the current Junior Formation Skydiving gold medal holders. Due to Paul's skill level he was able to make two 180 degree turns and several outfacing moves.



More updates to follow!