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When you learn to skydive with us, whether it be on our Accelerated Freefall course or one of our more advanced courses, we consider you to be part of our skydiving family. This is why we have set up the following news pages. Here you can keep up to date with the staff, your friends and the latest gossip. Take a look below if you are new to Freefall Addicts, or if you are already part of our group have a look what is going on at the moment. Blue skies, the Freefall Addicts team.

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Click on the above link for April 2007 news.

Happy Easter to everyone and welcome to the Freefall Addicts April 2007 news. We are sorry there has been a lack of updates so far and will endeavour to add more pictures in the coming days.

If you want to learn to skydive then please contact us for more information.

Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!


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We are nearly already up to the quater year point and spring seems to be approaching quickly. The weather is getting really nice in Seville; a steady 23 degrees every day.

We welcome back some old faces this month to complete advanced skydiving courses and also some new faces on our learn to skydive courses.

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Well the first month is over already and we have already many AFF students!

Keep your eyes wide open for brand new offers on equipment sales in the Freefall Addicts Store.

If you are interested in FS1 or have any friends or family that wish to do the AFF course then give us a call as we are now offering a new referal scheme.

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Happy New Year to everyone!

It has been nice to see so many familiar faces over the Christmas and New Year period. We have welcomed back many ex-students who have come to participate in the yearly festive boogie.

We wish you all a prosperous 2007 and hope you enjoy the news pages for Janury.


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It's not long now until Christmas and everyone here in Spain is getting ready for the boogie.

There will be 4 aircraft available (3 Dorniers and the SMG), all going to 15000ft!

We are now nearly fully booked so please contact us ASAP to reserve the final places on our skydiving courses.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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Hello everyone and welcome to our November news section. We have had a busy month, taking advantage of the warm temperature in the south of Spain!

We are busily preparing for our Christmas and New Year season and are looking forward to the arrival of a new member of our jumping staff this month.

We have improved our luxury accommodation further with the addition of Sky TV. Click on the link above to find out what's happening....


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Another busy month here in Spain.... the weather here in Sevilla is by far the best in Europe allowing for skydiving 7 days a week!

Jim and Mikey from Team Outbreak return to Sevilla for the start of the autumn season and will be available for Freefly coaching.

The christmas boogie is alreay being planned and I am told that there will be 2 Dorniers and an SMG here for most of the time!!

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First things first - a special thanks to Jamie and Andy for coming to help us out over a busy period in August - cheers guys!

If you are thinking about your winter holidays then skydiving in Sevilla is the perfect option. Unlike other higher areas of Spain we benefit from a mild winter climate and even manage the occasional trip to the beech!

In the meantime we are still enjoying a perfect summer at our full time turbine drop zone!



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August is in full swing now and the we welcome back our turbine aircraft which has spent a few weeks in the UK at the end of July for maintenance. We are now operating two aircraft and the dropzone is busy with military expeds and many students. The party atmosphere is great and with the gentle breeze that passes through on an evening, a cool beer on the terrace is very welcoming after a hard days jumping!

We welcome Jamie this month who is joining our instructor team.



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It has been a hectic last few weeks here in Spain and thanks to our perfect location in the south our customers have been making the most of their holidays in the Spanish sunshine.

Thanks to all those who have ordered from our new online gear store. We have just had confirmation of yet more product lines being made available to us so keep your eyes peeled for an even bigger range of items to come!

Happy holidays! - The Freefall Addicts Team



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The archive has been further updated as of the 14/03/2006.

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