British Mountain Guides

Rock Climbing

Welsh British Guides members offer guidance and instruction for all levels of experience, to individuals and groups. If you are inexperienced climber that is looking for an introduction to the basics skills and safety rules, you might like to tailor your own course with an experienced guide, or join a group that is already organised. Perhaps you are already fairly experienced and would like to learn some advanced techniques and new routes.

The WBG guides also provide further services for groups and individuals such as SPSA instruction, Equipment clinics, improvised rescue seminars and women’s courses. Guides can be contacted directly to arrange private or group meetings to fulfil your requirements.

Ice Climbing

Whether you are an individual, or part of a group or club, qualified UIAGM guides can help your ice climbing experience by providing guidance and tuition to suit your individual needs. UIAGM guides offer a high level of instruction, gained through experience and internationally recognised qualifications. Whilst learning and improving your ice climbing skills it is important that you train with someone that is experienced and gives you security and a professional service, no matter your personal experience levels. UIAGM members offer you worldwide ice climbing experiences, whether you are a beginner or an expert. If it is basic instruction you are looking for, or even some safety skills to hard winter ice climbs in the UK, UIAGM guides are able to help you with what you are looking for.


Do you have dreams of realising your climbing abilities? British mountain guides can help your dreams become a reality by offering experienced leadership and expert tuition, whether you are interested in winter or summer alpine programs. With BMG, you can receive private tuition and guidance about every aspect of modern alpinism. Their skills, experience and knowledge allow you to hike the Haute Route, tackle the great North faces or summit the 4,000’ers.


The majority of our BMG guides have expansive experience in different types of expeditions, from the obscure peaks of greater ranges, to remote out of the way peaks, the 8,000 ers and trekking in Nepal. Most BMG members also are happy to organise specific trips for individuals, clubs and groups depending on their requirements.


An excellent combination of skiing and mountaineering, this is a fantastic way of combining both sports. An unusual twist from the normal ski or off piste slopes, you can discover glaciers and peaks on ski. Don’t make the assumption that this adventure has to be deep and steep- there are a whole variety of ski mountaineering opportunities that vary according to levels of experience. By using a guide, you will see a whole new world of skiing and mountaineering. You will learn about route finding, safe glacier travel, rope techniques and snow conditions whilst enjoying exploring unmarked snow on the peaks.
You have the opportunity to discover the Saas Fee 4,000ers, the high summits of Oberland and the Classic Haute Route within a safe, controlled and enjoyable environment.


British Mountain Guide’s offer unrivalled experience and knowledge in the field of British mountaineering, validated by top qualifications. They are able to give you new challenges and help you explore a new cliff or mountain area, whatever your needs or experience.

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