March 2006 News Part 2

Tuesday 14/03/2006

A brilliant month so far and our students are still cracking out the jumps. We have decided to split the news for March into two sections as there is so much of it! Jump more, learn more enjoy more!

Here is Diana in Freefall. She will move on to complete AFF level 6 tomorrow.
Welcome to Alex Gibson who has decided to return to Freefall Addicts for some Freefly coaching.
The Spring Blow Out boogie is getting underway and fun jumpers and students are already starting to turn up. Want the lift capacity? How about 15000ft on every lift? How about 10 jumps a day? You can do it all here before tea time!
Diana looks happy after another great days skydiving

Wednesday 15/03/2006

Here is Diana exiting the aircraft
Welcome to Andy Montroe. Andy is a BPA Advanced instructor and will be based permanently at Skydive Spain.
Here is Diana tracking on her AFF level 7
Alex has finished jumping for the day and settles down for pizza and beer at the dz bar!

Thursday 16/03/2006

Congratulations to Diana who graduated her AFF

Friday 17/03/2006 - St Patricks Day!

Here is Diana on one of her consolidation jumps
After jumping we decided to go to the Irish bar to join in with the St Patricks day celebrations.
Welcome to Alex Gibson and Graham Read. Graham has come to work on some more advanced flying skills and Alex is here to do our canopy course.
Lamorna shows the lads how it's done! A pint of Guiness!
Welcome back to Joel, who has returned for his second visit in as many weeks. Joel is here to do some more canopy training and maybe his FS1.

Saturday 18/03/2006

An exciting few days are ahead. We are looking forward to welcoming more new students and exisitng customers alike.

Nick Smith will be joing us for an FS1 course

Neil Sim will be working on his packing skills and also completing the CH1 canopy course

David Lomax will be here for an FS1 course, David is also bringing a friend to do AFF levels 1 and 2

Ray Jackson will be here to learn to skydive on our AFF course

Simon Martin is here for some further training


Sunday 19/03/2006

Welcome to Nick Smith who is here for some canopy training and an FS1 course.
Alex shows off his brand new rig.

Wednesday 22/03/2006

Nick exits the aircraft in a forward roll. This is something you get to try on the last AFF level.
Welcome back to Mikey from the Freefly school. Mikey is happy to be back in the warmer climate of southern Spain after a week away further north.
Welcome to Neil Sim (right) who has come back to see us at our new location. Neil will be on our canopy course as he has just purchased a brand new rig.
Neil exits the aircraft on his first jump back in the sky since last year.
Neil takes advantage of the Spring temperatures.........
Neil has just deployed his canopy...
Mikey and Jim freefly to the max as part of their training for the 2006 UK Nationals.
Welcome to David Lomax and Simon Greenhalgh. David (bottom right) is here on our FS1 course and Simon (2nd bottom right) is here to learn to skydive. The guys joined us in the Boxer bar for a drink before dinner.
Our favourite restaurant - Giant Haystacks!


Thursday 23/03/2006

We have had a few enquiries from customers asking whether or not we can take card payments. The answer is of course we can! You can also pay online through our secure payment system. We are also working on some new ways in which you can finance your skydiving holidays. Keep your eyes peeled to the news section over the next few weeks for more information........

Barry, our school manager puts Simon through his paces during the AFF ground school.
Simon gets familiar with our aircraft procedures.....
Simon works on the exit from the aircraft, this is something we spend a lot of time on so your skydive starts in the best possible way.
Simon works on his parachute opening drills.

Friday 24/03/2005

We got to the dropzone early this morning so David, Nick and Neil could start a packing course
More fun jumpers turn up for the Spring boogie
Mikey is coaching John on some more advanced Freefly skills. If you are interested in learning to freefly with Mikey check out our freefly page.

Saturday 25/02/2006

Here is Dave on one of his FS1 skydives.
Dave exits the aircraft on the sunset load.
Nick is on our canopy course and comes in here for another good landing...
Neil is also on our canopy course. He is working on downsizing to his brand new Pilot 168. He is jumping one of our Pilot 210 canopies.
Mike comes in to land from a hop 'n' pop jump. Mike is working on some of his canopy skills at the moment.....just because you are an instructor never means you stop learning......

Sunday 26/03/2006 - Mothers Day!!

Neil on his last jump before returning home to Scotland. This was Neil's first jump on his brand new rig after downsizing on our canopy course. His first few jumps were on a 240 then he moved to a 210 and finally onto his new Pilot 168. If you are thinking about down sizing then our canopy course is a perfect learning tool to help you make the transition safely.
Some old faces in new places! Welcome to Andy (left) who is here for team training with Mikey and Jim.
Dave Lomax makes it look easy. This a good example of the Mantis body position you will learn on our FS1 skydiving course.
Welcome Ray who is here to learn to Skydive. Here you can see a "door jam" as part of his ground school.
Ray tells one of his instructors what altitude he is at in freefall.......this is a picture from Ray's first ever skydive. Ray started his ground school at 9am this morning and by sunset he was landing his parachute after skydiving from nearly 16000ft!

Monday 27/03/2006

Lamorna, Mike and Dave are working on a 3-way exit as part of Dave's FS1 course
Here is Dave on his 6th point!
Here is Ray on one of his AFF skydives. He has just been released in Freefall for the first time.
Ray, Barry and Mike on the ground after another jump....
Here is John Cooper on his Freefly FF2 qualification skydive
John docks with his instructor in a head down flying position

Tuesday 28/03/2006

Barry is a proper camera geek! Ray does an awesome level 3 skydive!
Here is Dave just before getting on the aircraft for his FS1 4-way skydive
Dave looks calm and in control just before exit
Dave takes control of the exit just before we start to move for the second point
Here is Dave on his 8th point.....
Nick and Ray on the ground pose for the camera. Nick is an IT manager from London and Ray is a Police Officer from Kent.
Here is Ray on his AFF level 4
Andy, Mikey and Jim on the floor after another training jump
Nick comes in to land at sunset on the final jump of his canopy course

Wednesday 29/02/2006

Here is Ray on his AFF level 5
Ray exits the aircraft on his AFF level 6
Ray tracks (fast forward movement) across the sky on his level 6
Ray performs an unstable forward roll exit for his AFF Level 7
Ray deploys his canopy at the end of his skydive
Here is Ray coming in to land on his first consolidation jump
Ray looks happy after his first ever solo skydive

Thursday 30/03/2006

Dave Lomax works on some stability drills as part of his FS coaching
Ray does an awsome forward roll exit on his 3rd consolidation jump
Here is Ray in freefall.......for those of you who dont know, Ray is a Police Officer in the Kent Police Force
Ray comes in to land his canopy

Friday 31/03/2006

Welcome to James Durham who is here on our canopy course
James comes in for his first ever landing at Skydive Spain
Here is James on the landing area. He is wearing one of our brand new rigs
Ray exits the aircraft on another consolidation jump
Dave and Mike exit a formation called an Open Accordian. Dave having finished his FS1 is now working on some more advanced FS skills
Farewell to Dave and Julie who leave sunny Spain today for the UK!


More updates to follow...