March 2006 News Part 2

Wednesday 01/03/2006 - Flying midweek as always!

A new month and our students are cracking out the jumps. Want the weather? Want 15000ft? Want things to do after jumping? - The only logical choice is Skydiving in Seville!


Liz is released in freefall on her AFF level 3
Liz is doing well, here she is in the middle of her level 3.
Ian exits for another BPA FS1 skydive.
Jim prepares for exit on his AFF level 1
Graham looks at ease with his FS skills.....
Graham gets ready to exit for his dive to pin....(this is where you learn how to dive down to a formation)
Ian comes in to land his new canopy
Jim tells mike the altitude.....13000ft! Still a long way down to 5500ft yet......
Mike and Barry release Jim in freefall on his AFF level 3
Graham cracks on with his FS1 3-way skydive
Elly on her tandem......
AFF next??
Elly and Grham on the ground after another skydive
Thought you might like a group picture......
Jim from Freefly Space takes Sam, another visitor to the dropzone on a Freefly coach jump
Sunset and a busy day is over.......more action tomorrow.....

Thursday 02/03/2006 - Get the highest skydives in Spain!

Here is Ian working on his turns in place for his FS1
Jim gets ready in the aircraft for his AFF level 4
Ian and Graham take Mike up for a 3-way!
Graham takes charge of his FS1 4-way qualification dive exit
The 11th point! An open accordian!
Ian makes a nice job of his 3-way FS1 dive. 4-Way next!
Now to graduations!! Well done to Liz for doing an awesome final AFF jump and Graham for an 11 point 4-way FS1 skydive. Beers tonight guys!!
Graham comes in to land one of our brand new demo rigs.
Final jump of the day......Mike, Graham, Ian and Barry on the landing area. Watch this space for more updates........Liz in now on consolidation jumps, Jim is ready for his last AFF level and Ian will do his 4-way FS1 jump tomorrow.

Friday 03/03/2006 - Bigger aircraft, more lifts - Simple!

Here is Ian on his FS1 4-way skydive. He made a total of 9 points!!
Now Ian and Graham are FS1 qualified they can jump together. Here they invent a new freestyle exit!!
Here is Jim exiting the aircraft on his AFF level 7.
Jim tracks (fast forward movement) as part of the skydive requirements....
Look at that arch! Jim travels at mach 3 towards 5500ft.
Jim knows......smiles for a job well done.
Jim comes in to land on his last AFF jump.
Congratulations to Jim and Ian who graduate today.
Mike does some freefly coaching with Mikey from Space Euphoria
Mike comes in to land
Another great day at Freefall Addicts......same time, same place tomorrow.

Saturday 04/03/2006 - Why settle for 2nd best?

Welcome to Joel Gluth who is here to complete his FS1 and BPA CH1 and CH2 qualifications on our canopy course.
Amanda, Ian's girlfriend gets ready to do a tandem
Here is Amanda in freefall
....and again
Amanda comes in to land. If you are interested in doing a tandem as part of your skydiving holiday, have a look at our tandem page.

Sunday 05/03/2006 - Want great weather? Skydive in Spain!

Ian comes in to land on one of his canopy course jumps.
Joel takes control of his brand new canopy


Jim is rocking through his consols, he has perfected the freefall grin!
Jim locks on ready to wave off an deploy
The last lift of the day lands. Here you can see most of the Bodyflight UK wind tunnel teams and some local fun jumpers.
Our aircraft is a Dornier G92 and climbs quickly to our exit altitude of 15000ft - The fastest climbing jump ship in Spain!
The sunsets at 19:45 - time for beer now!

Monday 06/03/2006


Joel, Ian and Mike get ready for another hop 'n' pop on the Freefall Addict's Canopy Course

Joel lands with a perfect flare....
Another load gears up. Pefect blue skies, warm weather and an aircraft that has a 15 minute turn around cycle (going to 15000ft) means you can get in as many jumps as you want!
Ian lands his canopy on the final jump of his course. Nice job mate.

Tuesday 07/03/2006

Welcome to Matt Coughlan who is here to finish off his consolidation jumps and to complete his BPA FS1
Here is Matt in Freefall
Matt deploys his canopy, as you can see, the weather is perfect for skydiving. Warm, light winds and not a single snow flake in sight! Infact it was nearly 20 degrees celcius in south Spain today.
Skydive Spain is a popular training centre. Here you can see one of the dropzones's guest 4-way formation skydiving teams launch an exit.
A few beers after the last lift of the day.

Wednesday 08/03/2006

Hello everyone and greetings from sunny south Spain. I have to say I am very exited at the next few months as Freefall Addicts have had an unprecidented interest in their courses.

Whilst we are busy, we are making every effort to draft in new and highly experienced instructors from the UK. We will make sure there is a place for you here and that you have your own personal skydiving instructor. Check out our modified AFF section. We have updated this page with some more current pictures that show the blue and orange brigade in action!

We hope you have had chance to have a look at our new accommodation section. We at Freefall Addics believe that all our customers should have the option of staying with their fellow students. Our shared apartment offers private rooms with en suite bathrooms and a very chilled out, relaxed environment for you to enjoy your down time. If you feel you would like even more privacy then we have relationships with locals hotels, hostels and camping facilities. Contact us for more details.

On a final note, we believe that this website is a reflection of our companies ethos, professionalism and commitment to our customers. As such we welcome everyone to make suggestions about how we could improve on what we already have.

Matt exits on his first BPA FS1 jump
Look at that weather! Matt comes in to land on one of our brand new canopies.
Matt works on his forward movement and docking skills


Tomorrow we welcome Diana Peters who is joining us to learn to skydive, more students will be arriving over the weekend too. Keep your eyes peeled for more news from the most professional skydiving school in Europe!

Thursday 09/03/2006

Matt does a perfect linked exit for his 4th jump on the FS1 course
Matt works on his 90 degree turns
Welcome to Diana, who is here to learn to skydive. Diana is an Accountant from Glastonbury. She joined us for a drink in our new hang out, The Boxer Bar, which is just over the road from our penthouse customer accommodation.

Friday 10/03/2006

Here Matt works on his 360 degree turns on his FS1
Diana is working hard on her AFF ground school with Lamorna
Matt gets ready for another skydive
Here is Mike jumping one of the Freefall Addicts demo canopies. If you are interested in trying something from our demo range, contact us for more information
Matt, jumps one of our new consolidation rigs, a Pilot 210!
Mike and Matt down from another skydive, how many today guys??
Here is Matt on his FS1 3-way, he helped launch a perfect star exit!
Our very own Lamorna; most of you talk to her on the phone or by email. Lamorna is a member of our instructional staff and will be working with you during your AFF ground school and on your Formation Skydiving training.

Saturday 11/03/2006

Diana gets ready for her AFF level 1
Diana in Freefall on her level 1
Barry, Diana and Mike on the ground after a perfect level 1!!
Matt prepares for his FS1 4-way skydive
Matt exits the aircraft as part of the 4-way
Matt moves on to his 8th point, nice job!
Diana is released in freefall on AFF level 3. Her instructors stay close by.
Barry and Mike watch Diana come in to land
Diana lands her parachute after a another great skydive
Here is Diana on her AFF level 4.
Our location attracts some of the best skydiving teams. Here you can see the Bodyflight UK senior team including Steve Hamilton and John McGiver from Sebastian XL.


Some of the instructors from Freefall Addicts decided to get involved on a big way at the end of the day

Sunday 12/03/2006

Another busy start to the day in the packing hangar. Most 4-way teams choose Skydive Spain as their training location due to far supior aircraft, a better guarantee of weather and not forgetting 15000ft on every lift from a 15 seather aircraft that climbs to altitude in only 10 minutes!
Team Havoc walk through their next skydive.
We decided to have the afternoon off and took our students down to the beach. We found a nice bar and restaurant to chill out in and watch the world go by.....
From left to right: Matt (FS1 course), Mike, Diana (AFF course) and Lamorna.
Matt decides to go for a swim and the water was quite warm too...
Our location allows us to offer you the best skydiving holiday there is. We will help you get in as many jumps as you can, but if you want to go to the beach, visit the City of Seville or go for a night out on tiles, we can make it happen!

Monday 13/03/2006

Diana exits the aircraft with her instructor Barry
Here is Diana in freefall on her AFF level 5
John McGiver comes in on his high performance Velocity 96 after another 4-way training jump. If you are interested in 4-way coaching drop us a line and we will put you in touch with John and Steve from the Bodyflight senior team.
Here is chief packer, Rob, working on DZ control. This is where he monitors and manages the canopy traffic to ensure that everyone lands safely.
Seville hosts some of the most fantastic inland sunsets. There is a steady decline from the dz to the mountain range of sierra nevada which blocks us from any nasty sea breezes or fog. This means we can skydive all day long!
Have a look at our partner website - here you will find out a lot about what you need to know about different adventure sports.


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