Kite Surfing

The fasted growing sport in the whole world at the moment is kite surfing. A fusion of three different sport has created this new adventure sport that has taken the world by storm. This wild new water sport has been fashioned from kite flying, surfing and wakeboarding. It was in 1999 when the kite surfing scene really kicked off, promoted by French and Hawaiian stars. In the beginning of 1999 there were just 12 UK kite surfers. That number has exploded dramatically to the 7,000 kite surfers that now live in the UK. Also in 1999, in anticipation of the popularity of the sport, the British Kite Surfing Association was founded to convey information to current and prospective kite surfers.

Do you want to learn to kite surf? You can gain a recognised level of ability by learning at a BKSA registered training centre, with qualified instructors. Because of the rapid expansion of this sport, good kite surfing locations are always being discovered and so it is always best to speak with local kitesurfers about the best sites in a certain location. It is recommended by the BKSA that you have a minimum competence with certain skills before trying kite surfing, for example by being competent at kite flying whilst on land, before trying it in the water.

Learning to kitesurf

As with any sport, it is important that you receive professional advice from qualified instructors before attempting it. If you are unsure about what you are doing, then kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport. It’s not worth the risk of injuring yourself, so invest in a kitesurfing lesson that will teach you the basics before you go out on your own. This way you will learn the best and safest techniques without the danger or frustrations of trying to learn on your own

If you want to learn to kitesurf, make sure you learn from a BKSA and IKO qualified Instructors at a BKSA or IKO approved training centre. The majority of people will be able to kite surf to a basic level after a 3 day course.
As with all types of learning, if you have a private lesson you will learn more quickly due to the one on one tuition.

Here is a guide if you were to buy all of the equipment necessary for kitesurfing. Second hand equipment is easy to find, and it may be that you purchase some components new, and some used.

Package for beginners consisting of board and 12 metre kite = 850 GBP
Wetsuit = 120 GBP
Third party insurance with BKSA membership = 30 GBP
Impact Vest = 80 GBP
Helmet = 40 GBP
Harness = 60 GBP
TOTAL = 1180 GBP

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