June 2006 News

Thursday 01/06/2006

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new online skydiving gear store. The store has only a limited selection of products at present, but over the next few days we will be aiming to expand our online catalogue. We appreciate any feedback you have and hope you enjoy this new feature on our site. The gear store can be linked to via our main menu, which is the 5th link from the top. Enjoy!


Saturday 03/06/2006

Here are Polaris 4-way. At the back you can see one of its members Mike who is an instructor at Freefall Addicts. Other team members include Vicky and Maxine (both Hinton/Weston jumpers) and Luci who works for another AFF school in Spain. The team regularly train in Seville and will be seen regularly on the UK jump scene this season.
Freefall Addicts graduates at Headcorn

Sunday 04/06/2006

The Freefall Addicts' Team will be on holiday until the 14th of June. We will be available to take phone calls and answer emails on a limited basis.

Thursday 15/06/2006

Welcome to John Humphries who is with us to do the AFF course to learn to skydive. John has done some military static line jumps on round parachutes, so this will be his first outing on the square parachutes we use. However, his canopy control is set to be good as he is a pilot and flies to locations all around the world! In the next few days we will also be saying hello to John Jenkins, Liz Rice and Tom Wilkinson.

Saturday 17/06/2006

We've got lots of news for you today after our short break! First of all we see John Humphries with his instructor Noel, going through some pre jump drills. John is a commercial airlines pilot although in his past he has been a diving instructor, helicopter pilot and instructor... John leads an active lifestyle that most of us would be very envious of - with snowboarding, jet skiing and running marathons amongst his other hobbies! However, today it's John's birthday - so Happy Birthday John!
Sometimes it's easy for us to forget who is packing our parachutes, here is Robert who you will see working from first thing in the morning, until last thing at night. Robert has done all of his British Parachute Association packing exams, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that he is good at the job!
Here we can see John landing his parachute in our large landing area after his AFF level 1. The skydive went really well, and he had a textbook landing - not bad for a pilot I suppose!
Adam and Mark are here for a long weekend, taking advantage of the cheap flights with Ryanair. Although they both have about 80 skydives, they've been unable to complete their FS1 in the UK due to weather and rumours of illegal posing... You may see them jumping at Hinton or Weston in the UK and they're even thinking about putting a scratch team in for the Nationals this year!
It's been a gorgeous day here in Spain, and in the picture above we can see some of the skydivers busy packing their canopies. There is a group of Germans, a military group, Spanish fun jumpers and students and of course British skydivers, so it's a fun mix of nationalities!
John has been steaming through his AFF course and is loving every second! He now has a running joke with the instructors and pilot that he's more interested in the pilot's flying skills on the climb to altitude, than what he's going to be doing on each skydive!!! He also joked that he's got a good reason to jump out of the plane because he's seen Alex's (the pilot's) flying, so wouldn't want to land in the aircraft!!
Before we left the dropzone today, we had to have a beer with David, who had bought a crate of beer to celebrate his 100th jump. There was some talk of him doing this as a naked skydive - but he got away with it! David works at the world famous "Cirque du Soleil" that is going to be performing in Malaga next week until July.
There were lots of celebrations today besides John's birthday - two AFF students completed their course, so we all went to 'Giant Haystacks'. This place is amazing unless you're a vegetarian... The are at least 25 different types of steaks and meats, ranging from Ostrich to Wild Boar! All the meat is cooked on this open indoor barbeque which gives it a fantastic flavour.
You can see how popular this restaurant is! And only those of you who have been there will believe me when I say that this is 1 of 3 eating areas, yes, the place is 3 times the size! It's also very affordable, with dinner and 3 drinks each costing us 10 euros - that's about £6.50. Right, lots of skydiving to do tomorrow so I'm off to bed!

Wednesday 21/06/2006

First thing in the morning and whilst some people are being briefed for their skydives by their instructors - others are playing on the trolleys! These trolleys, or creepers, are what people use in formation skydiving to practice the skydives on the ground. However, they are also fun to race across the hangar... I think the rule for this game was to get from one end of the hangar to the other, without touching the ground!
We welcome back Barry from his holiday in France. As you can see, he looks pretty relaxed and tanned and really enjoyed his adrenalin filled week of fishing!
Adam has been doing his FS1 course and completed his 4 way today! This means that Adam and his friend Mark, who also completed the course, can jump together for the first time.
Here is John Humphries again looking very happy in freefall! This is a shot from his AFF level 2 and he has been doing so well, his secondary instructor Jonno has come around to the front.
Adam and Mark get to jump together now they have their FS1 qualifications, and John Jenkins has taken a break from freeflying to join them too! Mark and John sometimes jump at Hinton or Weston and you may see John jumping at Black Knights.
After every skydive John has the biggest grin from ear to ear! Here he is with his instructor Noel after his fourth skydive of the day!

Thursday 22/06/2006

Tom is getting on really well with his skydiving, and here you can see him on his level 2 carrying out his HASP. His primary instructor is Barry, and his secondary instructor is Jonno. Tom is an entrepreneur and lives in Northants. Tom could only find the words to describe his first jump as 'absolutely amazing'!
John has been saying how glad he is to have got back into skydiving after his 5 year break, he plans on jumping regularly now - probably at Black Knights Parachute centre.
Busy busy busy today! Groups of freefliers, tandems, fun jumpers and students are here today. In the picture above we have John Humphries to the far left of the photo, observing Robert packing.
We have a special guest - Superman is here to do a tandem skydive! Unfortunately, he was too busy getting ready for his jump to be in this photo, but here are his friends that are here for his stag do, notice the matching T shirts!
Liz Rice is back with us to complete her consolidation jumps. She has been loving every single jump, and literally 'glows' after each skydive, she just loves the feeling of flying and this is fulfilling a lifetime ambition for her.

Friday 23/06/2006

There's no stopping Tom! We can't keep him out of the plane! He looks like he's concentrating hard on this particular manoeuvre, possibly because this is his AFF level 7. He has done four skydives today and completed his BPA CH1 requirements with Barry, who is a certified BPA CH Coach and can sign off this part of your BPA A certificate requirements.
Liz has also been doing well today and has been skydiving in the mornings, and exploring the local area in the afternoons. So far she has been to the beach, and the centre of Seville for some sightseeing.
Congratulations to Tom who passed his AFF level 7 and can now start his consolidation jumps! The AFF level 8 can be completed at any stage throughout the 10 consol skydives. When asked how he felt today, Tom replied, "This has been the best day of my life!"
Of course our instructors like to improve their skills too, and here you can see Barry under the navy blue and orange canopy, from Jonno's viewpoint. They are practicing a discipline called CReW - Canopy Relative Work, which is when parachutists link their canopies together whilst in flight. Just after this they achieved a successful dock!
After a quick swim in the pool, we all settled for a nice cold drink as we watched the sunset. A mixture of Germans, Austrian, English, Spanish, instructors, packers, pilots and students all make up this happy group! Whether you come to train at Freefall Addicts on your own, or with friends - there is always a great social atmosphere.

Saturday 24/06/2006

There is a group fun jumping here at the moment, and they are definitly proving themselves as colourful characters! Concentrating mostly on freeflying, they've been doing back to back loads nearly constantly. Here is Marcus landing his Katana. Nice colours...!
Here are Marcus and Jason walking back from the landing area to the packing hangar after yet another jump. You can see that both guys are wearing video cameras to film the skydive, and Marcus is also wearing a digital stills camera mounted on his camera helmet.
Ray and Tom have been on practically nearly every load this morning, with Ray starting a canopy course. Tom is getting his consolidation skydives done, although he looks a little concerned in this shot for some reason! Maybe he should take some tips from the skydiver next to him on the floor, who is obviously relaxed!
We took this afternoon off and went to the beach at Matalascanas today. The weather has been so great here - and whilst it's nice to swim in the pool at the dropzone, we all fancied a dip in the sea. We weren't the only ones as you can see! It was nice to relax for a few hours and on the way home we stopped at a typcial Spanish tapas bar for some dinner.

Sunday 25/06/2006

Ray has started to do some FS1 training with Barry today. Here he is on his first jump, doing a dive exit. Ray was with us just a few months ago doing his AFF course, and had such a fantastic time he couldn't wait to get back out here. When he's not jumping out of planes, Ray is a policeman in Kent and plans on jumping at Headcorn parachute centre when he returns to the UK.
Ray is doing fantastically on his FS1 course, and as you can see he is certainly enjoying it! And what a view - on clear days here we can see all the way to the coast from our jump altitude of 15,000ft. Ok, it is only on clear days, but if we were too close to the coast then we could suffer from coastal winds. As it is, we're just a 40 minute drive to the beach.
Tom is about half way through his consolidation skydives at the moment, and has been working on perfecting the skills he learnt on the AFF course. This week before he leaves he is also going to do his BPA CH1 and CH2 qualifications, and learn to pack.
We thought we'd make an event of this evening and head to the Irish bar in Seville to watch the England vs. Ecuador. What an atmosphere! It was pretty busy, and some had to stand for the 90 minutes. It wasn't the best game England have played, but when England scored...! The whole place erupted with cheers. Here is a shot of the non smoking room in the bar where we were watching the match from. New smoking laws in Spain mean that bars/restaurants of a certain size must have a non smoking area and at this bar both areas had huge TV screens set up.

Monday 26/06/2006

Well done to Tom Wilkinson who completed his AFF level 8 today. Here is a shot of his exit. AFF level 8 is carried out from a lower altitude, and the aim is to deploy the canopy within a short period of time. It's also known as a 'hop and pop' and this type of jump is popular with people who just want to work on their canopy skills.
Ray has been working through our downsize program that allows skydivers who are just off student status, to progress from the large, docile canopies, to something more appropriate for their skill level. Ray has been jumping a Pilot 210, and today he progressed to the Pilot 190- meaning the parachute is 190 sqare feet in size. Our student canopies range in size from 280 square feet to 240 square feet.
After last nights antic's watching the football, the gang are having a quiet night in tonight - checking up on their emails on the free internet at the Penthouse, and watching a film from the collection of 200+ DVD's! Thumbs up to Tom who cooked a fantastic pasta/bacon/pesto/chicken dinner too!
Jason, Jason and Baz and in this shot above which sees them exiting the aircraft on a freefly jump. It’s been an experience meeting this group, and not one we'll forget in a hurry...!

Friday 30/06/2006

Here is Tom on one of his last jumps doing a float exit. Tom is off today as he's travelling to another part of Spain to meet up with his friends for his birthday celebrations! Happy Birthday Tom! He initially only intended on doing the AFF course with his 10 consolidation skydives - but actually he has managed to achieve that and his BPA CH1 (required for the BPA A Certificate), he has learnt to pack, AND he did a canopy course to improve his canopy landing skills and start downsizing to intermediate sized canopies.
I'm not 100% sure what was meant to happen on this exit, it's a shot from one of Ray Jackson's FS1 jumps with Barry. However, you can see from the angle of Ray to the ground that they have gone upside down! This is also known as 'funnelling' the exit. Ray is getting on well with his FS1 and his canopy course - and he's even jumping his own pack jobs after his packing course too!

Raman Sinah has joined us for nearly 10 days of fun jumping - and he has his eye on doing some freeflying and perhaps the Introduction to BirdMan course. Ram works for the Navy flying helicopters.
Congratulations to Ray who passed his FS1 today! I wonder who is buying the beers tonight...?! Ray has only been in Spain for about a week, but he has managed to do his FS1 course, Canopy course, learn to pack, CH1, most of his CH2 requirements as well and at least 10 fun jumps!



More updates to follow...