July 2006 News

Saturday 01/07/2006

I just had to include this photo of Ray from his FS course in today's news. Look at that grin!
Ray and Barry are in a formation called an 'open accordian'. This weekend some of the Freefall Addicts went to Weston for their 'Tracking' Weekend. Many hadn't met each other before - check out the photo on the UK news pages. Tracking is where we move horizontally across the sky whilst in freefall. We always track at the end of a skydive when jumping with other people to ensure we have horizontal separation and clear air space to deploy our parachutes. But, it's also a lot of fun to just track for the whole of a skydive as well!
Here is Jonno who some of you may already know. He is just double checking his camera equipment before going up on a skydive. As you can see from the picture above, the video camera is mounted on top of the helmet, whilst there is a digital stills camera mounted on the front of the helmet. Throughout your AFF or FS1 course all your skydives will be videoed with equipment similar to this. Video is a great teaching tool and we always professionally edit the footage to present you with a DVD at the end of your course too.
Ray is off today, but he's had a fantastic time and promises to be back soon. I'm sure he will be joining in with the other Freefall Addicts on the forum in arranging events. He plans on jumping at Headcorn in Kent upon his return to the UK.
Helen Eaton was a 'last minute' booking and is here for the weekend to start the AFF course. Helen and her boyfriend Andrew Kirby live in Marbella and work for a prestigious estate agency firm. In the photo above we have Barry, Jonno, Helen and Andrew, just before Helen's first jump!

Sunday 02/07/2006

Well Summer is definitely here! I'm not sure if this is Skippy's hat, but it suits him don't you think!? Skippy is an ex student of Barry's from a few years ago, and apparently he hasn't changed a bit!
Jonno gives Alex a thumbs up after their jump together. After you land your canopy, it's customary to wait for the other people you've jumped with to have a laugh about how the skydive went. Alex is a qualified BirdMan instructor with many different demo students for people to try out. Not sure what Wingsuit flying is all about? More information here.......
Helen has had a fantastic weekend, and I've not seen someone so eager to jump from a perfectly working aircraft! She has completed up to AFF level 4, and will be returning in a few weeks time to finish the course. Andrew didn't want to be left behind though, and did 8 skydives too. They also went to the famous BBQ Steakhouse 'Giant Haystack's' last night to try the monstrous lamb's leg on offer. Ram joined them but he hasn't been seen today although something he wrote in a note may explain this: "Hey Guys,
Was knocked unconcious by a giant leg of lamb last night, woke up at lunchtime today!" We'll keep you updated on Ram's disappearance....!
If you are a skydiver, then you will have been asked this question at least once before - 'Why do you jump out of planes?'. For some people it's the sensation of flying or floating in the air that takes them back to a childhood memory of wanting to fly. For others, it's the 'thrill' factor. Many skydivers favourite part is the canopy flight - and on a sunset load when the sun is setting and the land around you takes on an orange glow, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Monday 03/07/2006 - Thursday 20/07/2006

Here is Helen Eaton on her AFF Level 4.
Seville is located in the region of Andalucia and is famous for it's exceptional horses. There are many stables locally and this is one of the fields we drive past every day on our way to the dropzone.
From left to right we have Mouse, Nathan, Jake and Richie here for some fun jumping. Whilst causing havok in the swimming pools they are enjoying the Summer sunshine and the Seville nightlife!
The guys are cramming the skydives in and in the picture above is Nathan after one of his jumps.
This aircraft has recently been recoloured and is owned by a famous Spanish footballer who comes to the dropzone frequently to fly this little aerobatic plane.
Jake is looking pleased before his next jump. He has been working through a canopy downsize program with us and moving from student equipment to intermediate equipment. His canopy control is very good though and he's getting on well!
In the picture above Mouse, Robert the packer, Richie and Jake are ready to go on the next lift. The group of 4 (including Nathan who's not pictured) have recently completed their FS1 qualifications, and their aim is to do a 4 way together whilst they are here. So far they are doing well with 2 and 3 ways, so we're looking forward to seeing how their 4 way goes!

Thursday 27/07/2006

Welcome to Karl White who is originally from the UK but now lives in Denmark working as a rehabilitation training instructor at a Chiropractor centre. Karl lived in Thailand for two years where he studied thai boxing among other things and has been entertaining us with his jungle stories! Karl is pictured here on the left with his instructor Ian.
Alex the pilot always has a smile on his face, whether he's flying us up to altitude, refuelling the aircraft, or explaining to us how a turbine engine works! He is also an AFF instructor, but finds his passion in flying the plane and dropping skydivers - lucky for us really!
Here is Vic Scargill from the 4-way team Polaris. Vic is a Freefall Addicts Sponsored Athelete and can be seen here wearing her brand new Freefall Addicts parachute system. If you are interested in becoming a sponsored athlete drop us a line to find out more.....


More updates to follow...