July 2005 News



  Here our some of our students relaxing after a hard days jumping with a few beers....







  Our swoop pond (used for performance landings) is now full again. Here is Danny landing at sunset.







  Our jumpship, a Pilatus Porter 34 - The only jumpship in central Spain with full operational CAA clearance.







  Here is Derrick completing his BPA FS1 course. He scored 12 points on his jump!







  Here is Paul Naylor with Barry, Lamorna and some other new friends just after graduating AFF.







  Jill and Helen are frequent return visitors to the DZ. Helen is working on her FS1 at the moment.







  We get some amazing sunsets here. Here is one I took a couple of days ago. At 10pm just after jumping.







  Nils, our resident World Free Style Champion jumps from the Porter. We regularly exit from 13000ft.







  Here's how much fun you can have skydiving with your mates. Checkout our post AFF training courses......







  Pete (left), is one of our long term residents. His daughter came to visit and decided to do a tandem skydive.







  Here comes Nadia - having just landed from her AFF level 6......only one jump to go before you go solo!!







  Toby, our resident Australian is starting his first turn on his AFF level 4.







  Toby has just deployed his parachute on level 7. Toby managed to get through his course in 3 days. A combination of great weather and the best instruction made this possible.