January 2007 News

Monday 01/01/2007

Here are Neil and Jasper after a fun jump on New Years Day. The weather is beautiful, about 23 degrees!
Congratulations to Simon Hatfield who graduated AFF today

Tuesday 02/01/2007 to Tuesday 09/01/2007

Here you can see Jasper trying the Mantis body position on an FS coaching jump
Welcome to PJ who has returned to do some more fun jumping and possibly some FS coaching
Goodbye to Jasper. He managed to complete 33 skydives on is stay with the Freefall Addicts!

Thursday 11/01/2007

Welcome to Fanky Sergi. Franky is originally from Australia and is working in London. He will complete his AFF course during his stay here. This picture was taken on his AFF level 3

Sunday 14/01/2007

Here is Franky on his Level 5

Friday 26/01/2007

Welcome to Keiran who is here to complete AFF
Here you can see Keiran being released for the first time on his AFF Level 3
Welcome to Eileen Fitzell who is here to complete AFF

Monday 29/01/2007

Here is Eileen on her level 5
Eileen completes a turn on her AFF level 6. Level 7 tomorrow!


More news to follow!

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