What to Expect

Booking process

We will help you arrange all aspects of your holiday, all you need to do is contact us either by phone or email. Whether you have specific dates in mind, or a budget you would like to work to, we will help you find the best priced, most convenient flights, transport and accommodation to suit you.

Your AFF course can start any day of the week due to our one on one instructor/student policy.
Whilst the AFF course can be completed in about 3 days, it is wise to allow extra time to start your consolidation skydives, so we recommend that your trip lasts for 7-10 days. Should you find that you have extra time at the end of your holiday, you may like to explore Seville, visit Gibraltar or work on your tan at the local beach!

Typical AFF Course schedule

To give you an idea of what to expect when you arrive, see the usual schedule that most of our students follow. Remember, your course is completely flexible to your personal requirements.

Day 1
Arrive late afternoon or early evening to the parachute centre.
Observe the end of the skydiving day by watching canopies landing and enjoying a cold drink in the DZ bar.
Welcomes, paperwork and an introduction to your AFF instructor, before being shown to your accommodation.

Day 2
Arrive to the dropzone at 9am, ready to start your ground training.
Meet up with instructor and have a coffee/breakfast.
Your ground school will take about 6 hours, with breaks in between each lesson.
Lunch at the dropzone in the restaurant.
Once you have completed the training, you will take a short written test and then get ready for your first skydive!
AFF level 1- skydive.
After the skydive, you will sit down and have an in depth debrief, watching the freefall video from your instructors video camera.
Congratulations, you have passed AFF level 1! Enjoy a beer in the bar with your instructor and meet some of the other students and skydivers at the dropzone, before moving onto the local town for dinner.

Day 3
Arrive to the dropzone at 9am, to meet up with instructor and have coffee/breakfast.
Brief with instructor for AFF level 2.
AFF level 2- skydive.
Straight after your second skydive, you will watch the video and debrief the skydive with your instructor.
It’s about mid morning now, so after a short break and drink, you will prepare for AFF level 3, and brief the skydive with your instructor.
AFF level 3- skydive.
Video debrief with instructor of AFF level 3.
Lunchtime- go to local town to eat, or stay at the centre and eat in the dropzone restaurant.
After lunch, brief with instructor for AFF level 4.
AFF level 4- skydive.
Debrief the AFF level 4 skydive with your instructor- you are flying on your own now, with your instructor just an arms reach away!
Short break, then brief with instructor for the AFF level 5 skydive.
AFF level 5- skydive.
The last debrief of the day, you will watch your video with your instructor, probably whilst enjoying a cold, well earned beer!
Meet up with the other skydivers to watch the day’s skydiving videos in the bar and perhaps something to eat and a few drinks in the Irish bar in Seville.
You have had a busy day and the surges of adrenalin will be subsiding now, so you can look forward to a good night’s sleep!

Day 4
Meet up with instructor at the dropzone for coffee/breakfast at 9.30am.
Review previous day, and brief AFF level 6 with your instructor.
AFF level 6- skydive.
Short break and debrief your AFF level 6 skydive, well done- you passed and now will be going on to the next level!
Brief the AFF level 7 debrief skydive with your instructor- this is the last AFF skydive where your instructor is jumping out with you.
AFF level 7- skydive.

You walk back from the parachute landing area with a smile upon your face, you know it went well, although you need to wait until your debrief to find out what your instructor thought.
Congratulations! Your instructor confirms that you have passed the AFF level 7 on your debrief!
After some well deserved lunch, you brief the AFF level 8 with your instructor.
AFF level 8- Hop and Pop.
Debrief AFF level 8 with instructor.
Now you are cleared to jump solo and start your consolidation skydives (the first 10 skydives you make after your AFF course to consolidate your knowledge).
Make one solo skydive on the sunset load (last flight of the day) and watch the sunset whilst skydiving.
Finally to end a perfect day, we will all watch your edited AFF video of your skydives in the dropzone bar, with a very well deserved drink!
Then it’s onto one of our favourite restaurants, affectionately known as ‘Giant Haystacks’- where all the food is cooked on open barbeques. Despite having the capacity for about 200 people, you still get queues of people wanting to eat at this restaurant- and the best thing about it is that all main meals are under 12 euros!

Day 5
Arrive to dropzone around 10am for coffee/breakfast.
You will probably do 4 or 5 more consolidation skydives today, and then late afternoon we head away from the parachute centre and go to the beach for a beach barbeque, relaxing on the sand and paddle in the sea.

Day 6-10
Over the next few days you now finish off your consolidation skydives at your leisure, asking your instructor for advice when needed.
You might also like to spend a day shopping in Seville, a day at the beach or even head to Gibraltar for a day trip.

The action never stops in the biggest tourist bar and Irish pub in Sevilla. Outdoor seating, a few bars and a back dining room give you plenty of choices. Big screen TV used for European soccer and Rugby games. The Seville nightlife is only a short bus or taxi ride away!

Here in Seville you can jump all day and party all night. There are restaurants, bars and clubs to suit all tastes and there is never a shortage of new people to meet. Every night is memorable!