Visit Gibraltar

You will be pleasantly surprised with what Gibraltar has on offer for the tourists that visit this small sub tropical part of the UK....

It's history has come from the strategic millitary position on which it sits looking over the southernmost tip of Europe, guarding the Gibraltan Strait and the entrance into the Mediterranian sea.

Rock touring, sailing and scuba diving are some of the vast array of adventure sports that are on offer.

Gibraltar is a VAT free jurisdiction and as such benefits from some of the best value shopping in the world.

The border is open 24 hours a day and you can go backwards and forwards as many times as you like.

Gibraltar is a VAT free shopping paradise and is quickly becoming one of the only of it's kind left in Europe.

Main Street is Gibraltar’s premier shopping area, running the length of town and offering anything from cameras to clothes to paintings.

If you enjoy eating out, you’ll love Gibraltar’s café and restaurant options. Choose from many different types of international cusine or simply settle for a traditional Spanish Paella or even a full English breakfast!

Explore the underwater world in the surrounding coast line. There are well over 20 wrecks and other seabed features to choose from. Gibraltar offers diving opportunities for every skill range and has a host of diving schools to tend to your equipment needs.

Gibraltar is perfect for learning to sail. Warm weather, gentle tidal and sea conditions and if you fancy making a longer passage, the Ocean is near by! All types of courses are offered at most of the sailing schools around the rock.

There are six beaches dotted along the coast, with 4 of them being sandy and perfect for a days sunbathing!

The sub-tropical temperatures and mild winters, make Gibraltar an all year around tourist destination. An ideal days break in the middle of your skydiving holiday.

You will never be somewhere so near, but yet so far away from home!

Contact Us if you are interested in making a vist to Gibraltar part of your skydiving holiday. We can supply directions and a map if required.

Thanks to the Gibraltar Tourist Board for providing the above information