Formation Skydiving (FS1) 10 Jump Course

Once you have completed either your AFF or your Static Line skydiving course you may want to start jumping with other people. In the UK you need to complete the FS1 course to be able to jump with other skydivers. This qualification is issued by a registered BPA FS1 coach.

We can offer you daily 1 on 1 personalized basic or advanced coaching on the ground and in the air. If you are looking to achieve your BPA FS1 rating or a USPA A Licence check out our specially designed course below. Every Skydiver, from the novice who just completed a basic AFF training course to the advanced jumper looking to raise their present level of performance can benefit from our training philosophy and experience. Get your coaching now and you will smile on that next 20-way when the organizer asks you do an outfacing move!


Our coaching style is adaptive. Every skydiver learns at a different pace and therefore every program is individually designed to suit your needs. We guide you through all aspects of Formation skydiving including advanced body positions, all technical manoeuvres and safe and flat tracking.

Mental awareness is a key factor for successful skydives. We spend a great deal of time with our students on the ground in brief and in debrief to ensure their performances in the air are the best they can be.


Our coaches are among some of the most experienced and highly trained skydivers in the community. They all have achieved competition standard and work very hard to keep their skills tuned, both in the wind tunnel and in the air.

The BPA Formation Skydiving training course is a comprehensive set of lessons that will make sure you are both safe and efficient in the air. We pride ourselves in the quality of training we offer and hope that we are nurturing future national champions.


Our BPA FS1 in Spain Course Outline

The first lessons are all about body position, exit theory and an introduction to tracking. We then move onto forwards and backwards movement, including docking skills and grip discipline.

Fast fall and slow fall techniques are next with turning in place and combination (knee and arm) turns following.

We then work on 180 degree turns and side sliding followed by 360 degree turns and a bit more side sliding!

The rest of the course is taken up by working on dive to pin and skills consolidation, two way relative work drills, three way relative work drills and finishing up with the qualification 4-way skydive.


Our level 10 jump is designed to consolidate all of the skills learnt throughout the FS1 course. The student will jump with three other experienced instructors and will aim to complete at least 4 points (4 seperate formations). Most of our students do a minimum of eight points and Derrick Olivier - a former student, managed to score 12 points!

Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!

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