The 3 jump Freefly introduction

Ever wanted to Freefly but don't know where to start?

This starter learn to Freefly course provides all the basic skills necessary to kick start your Freefly jumping. Ideal for those that don't have any want to invest in a full FF1 course, but would like to start learning basic principles of Freeflying.

What's included? x

Three taught skydives, video debriefs/pre briefs.

Information on skydiver separation, group jumping and safe break offs are included, as well as 3 coached jumps.


Jump 1 - Focusing on the track- necessary for a safe break off and separation.

Jump 2 - An introduction to the basic sit fly position and the back fly safety position.

Jump 3 - Focusing more on the sit fly skill set, exits and flying position.

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