Freefall Addicts SL Published Terms and Conditions

Whilst all reasonable endeavours are made to provide accurate information on the Freefall Addicts site it is for general informational purposes only and cannot be guaranteed.

Whilst skydiving is not as risky as many people imagine and just like lots of other adventure sports - it is possible to seriously injure yourself or die whilst taking part in the sport. It is entirely your choice to skydive or engage in any of the pursuits discussed on this site and any decision you make to do so is entirely your own responsibility.

Freefall Addicts S.L is not in any way liable for your decision to skydive or engage in any of the pursuits discussed on this site or any subsequent consequences thereof.

If you hurt yourself skydiving for any reason whatsoever you wholly accept that it is nothing to do with Freefall Addicts S.L and will not, under any circumstances pursue Freefall Addicts S.L in any way, for any reason.

The final decision on your suitability to skydive rests entirely Freefall Addicts SL and you must comply with the clubs rules at all times.

All courses must be booked in advance and the appropriate deposit paid to reserve yourself a place on the date of your choice. This means if anyone wishes to change dates, this must be done with a minimum of 4 weeks notice.

Freefall Addicts reserves the right to cancel any descent due to the client being injured, late, smelling of/being under the influence of alcohol, overweight and underage.

Freefall Addicts reserves the right to cancel a planned descent due to bad weather or aircraft unserviceability. Under these circumstances an alternative date will be given.

All clients over 40 years of age must have their medical form signed by a medical professional. A letter from your GP is not acceptable of your proof of fitness to jump. We cannot allow you to train or jump without these forms so please ensure you have them with you or you may lose out.

All clients must sign a medical form declaring their physical fitness to parachute.

All clients must sign a waiver for injury, and sign acceptance that they have been given and understood the training for the planned descent.

All deposits reserve your place and deny someone else that place. Therefore ALL deposits are strictly "NON REFUNDABLE”.

Once your booking is confirmed and your balance paid your skydives are non transferable and non refundable.

If bad weather prevents you from jumping a new date can be arranged to mutual convenience.

If you arrive without the necessary paperwork you may forfeit your skydive.

Gift vouchers are non transferable and non refundable.

Refunds will only be given in extenuating circumstances, and at our discretion.

We cannot accept any responsibility for personal injury or losses of any kind whilst you are participating in the sport of skydiving. You may elect to get additional insurance cover other than the included standard 3rd party cover.

All monies must be paid in full before any skydives are carried out.

Once any paper work has been completed or any training given ANY money paid becomes "NON Refundable".

We cannot accept any responsibility for centres changing or postponing operating days, however we will transfer your booking to another centre or arrange an alternative date at no charge in such a case.

Jumpers make descents at their own risk. No responsibility will be accepted for any injury caused whilst on the drop zone, or during the training or descent.

You must not consume alcohol before or during skydiving operations.

Jumpers, family and friends are responsible for their own safety when on an active airfield and must adhere to any rules and regulations as laid down by the drop zone/airfield management.

If in any doubt of the above please do not hesitate to contact us.
+44 (0)141 416 0070


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