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Cal Lesser - AFF May 2006

I haven't learnt anywhere else, but I wouldn't want to. Freefall Addicts are at an active, small, so very friendly DZ, and it's clear from the way the competition Pro's there interact with Barry, that he's hugely respected as an expert in this field. They were the leading lights of other schools before and have much more new (and often replaced) kit than other schools, because of Barry's expertise in the sport. But the reason I'd recommend them is Barry's awesome teaching which makes being terrified a pleasure, and Lamorna's fun and enthusiasm. They are young and in touch and made it such a fun and easy time. I made faster progress than folks at other schools, despite my incompetence, and ended with the qualifications- but also new friends in the sport. Awesome place to learn, especially if you're on your own.

Kirsty Baldus - AFF May 2006

I really enjoyed doing the course out there with you guys. Thought the apartment was great - think the whole idea of the shared house is really good especially for a beginner as it puts you more at ease at the DZ as you know people! I really enjoyed doing the course and felt I was totally prepared for each jump that I did. Plus the little things like having the instructors and student in FFA jumpsuits helped as it means you dont feel like you stand out and feel like an outsider!!! which is important in a place full of skydivers when you have never done it before!! Again the friendliness of everyone and the social side was great - having a few beers with everyone again means that not only do you have a good time but you feel more comfortable doing the course in the day!

Matt Coughlan - FS1 March 2006

It was great getting back out to to train with you some more . Loving the new FFA apartment :) I was made to feel welcome from the start, with Barry & Lamorna coming to the airport so I could follow themback to the pad!

Thanks to Mike's coaching and the high altitudes/freefall times you get at Skydive Spain, my course wasplain sailing. FFA is in touch with the needs of the modern skydiver, not a frap hat in site! Great new gear and new ideas....Thanks once again!!!

Ian Waites Canopy CH1 and CH2 May 2006

After AFF and FS1, it seemed logical to think about improving my canopy skills. Considering the time spent under canopy far outweighs the time in freefall, I wanted to make sure I was enjoying the ride, instead of just opening and landing. Secondly, I felt that the canopy ride had become the least considered element of my dives, and as such, the most unsafe. On my second attempt at landing in the 'pro landing zone' at a previous DZ, the swarm of instructors headed by the pilot to dish out my bollocking, convinced me that my canopy skills needed some honing.

After 10 jumps, ground school, and various briefings and video debriefings, I was an infinitely more capable pilot, and enjoying the canopy ride so much more that I've been pulling at 6K for many of the jumps since just to extend the ride. Not to mention the fact that I have my CH1 and CH2 completed now- a goal I was finding difficult to achieve in the UK thanks to the weather, busy dropzones and large, old, ever-changing canopies.

Seville is a beautiful city, especially from 15000ft, and I felt welcomed and well looked after by the Addicts. Thanks guys.

Keith Bates FS1 April 2006

Who throws themselves out of a perfectly stable airplane? This was the question I pondered as I arrived in Spain to go skydiving for the second time. This time to get my FS1 qualification. To cut a long story short, I had a fantastic week jumping and meeting new people. Even though I was not staying in the apartment, I was still welcomed there in the evenings so I at least had a bit of company! The course itself was fantastic- jumping with other people is far more fun, and I'm sorry again to my instructor Mike who
I almost managed to wipe out on the 'dive to pin'. But no matter what you do in the air, I've found that it's more than that. Skydiving is the whole experience- the pre-flight jitters, the smell of the aircraft fuel in the hot air, the blast of air from the engines as it attempts to prevent you from boarding almost in recognition of your folly, slipping off your seat if you're near the door, the pre-jump high fives- grinning madly at people and pretending to be relaxed while in fact you feel anything but happy and calm!
The tummy jerk as the plane levels and the door slides open greeting you with a blast of cold air- remember not to look down, ready in the door- don't think about it- just do it, then....empty space....that wonderful feeling of falling and the whole sky is now your playground. Complete freedom and nothing like it in the world. If you haven't tried it then get over to Spain at the next opportunity!

Kate Williams

I came out to do my AFF course and 10 consols in April and had a fantastic time. Lamorna was a great teacher for ground school and Mike and Barry were fantastic AFF instructors combining first class training with a bit of well needed humour! I went from being a nervous wreck on my first few levels to loving it and now can't wait to get back in the air! The drop zone is really friendly and we only had about 6 hours of bad weather in 2 weeks. I would thoroughly recommend freefall addicts to anyone and I will be going back for more as soon as I can afford my FS1!

Paul Naylor - 29 jumps in 13 days!

The team at Freefall Addicts have made it possible for me to achieve my Life Time's Ambition, to learn to skydive.

Thanks to the skills, patience and professionalism of my Instructor Luci Boella I am now able to just ' throw on a Rig ' jump in  an aircraft and do the business from 13 Grand anywhere in the World.If that aint the best thing ever I don't know what is.

The training that I received on my AFF course left me totally prepared for that first leap into the 'unknown'. Although there was a little voice in my head saying ' this aint normal mate ' I bit the bullit and off I went. Trusting my instructor,applying what I'd learned in ground school and having faith in the kit on my back meant that I was able to complete my AFF in just over 2 days and go on to do twenty nine jumps in my time at Sky Dive Lillo.

I'm counting the days until I return in September when I'll be doing my FS1.I don't know who the 'lucky' instructor is gonna be but Hey Dude, I'm coming back for more.

I found everyone involved in the Free Fall Addicts team to always be happy to answer my questions and point me in the right direction.From finding the Best restaurant in town to real good advice and assistance regarding the pro's and con's of buying your first Rig.
Oh ye, and if you want to make a movie, Mike' Worthington's your man !

The pool was great on those really hot day's and I'll deffo be checking out those ew Dune Buggies next time.

If you' ve always wanted to sky dive, then these guys get my vote.
Go for it......


Keith Fenech - AFF graduate from Malta

The AFF course was a great experience and glad I've done it with you guys cause I got to meet some very interesting people. Apart from the friendly instructors, the family like atmosphere on the dropzone is one thing that will make me choose Lillo from other dropzones.

Stephan and Pablo are great just like all other instructors I met on the DZ. Stephan gave me some very serious training and he showed me he meant business when it comes to skydiving training. Pablo (my secondary instructor) is quite good at putting students at ease and forget their somewhat nervous feelings on the first jumps. I also got to interact with Lucy quite a lot and overall I think the friendly instructors at Lillo are the strongest point that the Dropzone has to offer.


Joel Gluth - An Australian living in England!

I first went to Skydive Lillo because, after much research, it seemed as though their AFF school was one of the best in Europe. I'd never been to Spain before, and jumped at the chance (sorry) to soak up the atmosphere of a small Spanish town while I learned to skydive. I wasn't disappointed on either count: during the week I spent there, there was no shortage of local flavour even on the dropzone, and the quality of the instruction was superb.

Because Lillo is so student-centred, there are always people around going through exactly the same stuff as you while you learn. Some places can be a bit intimidating when you're a new skydiver, but at Lillo the opposite is true: you don't need to look far to find encouragement, advice, or just a few drinking buddies who're just as excited and wide-eyed about the whole thing as you are.

I go back to Lillo to jump for a lot of reasons. I like the chilled attitude of the resident legendary skydivers. And I just keep making friends there, some of whom I'll run into again real soon, either jumping in the UK, or at one of FFA's upcoming events.

See you at the Christmas pig roast ;)


Liz Rice

Accommodation: very good - comfortable and clean and, if i'm totally honest, much nicer than i was expecting. I had the big bedroom with the balcony, and it was lovely sitting up there with a cup of tea early in the morning and watching the sun rise. very calming, and a great start to the day.

Ground school, levels and briefings/debriefings: all clear, concise and comprehensive.

Instructor: I cannot speak too highly of marcus. He did his best to instil confidence in me, and i trusted him implicitly.
Overall opinion: What a great bunch of people. each one was delightful in their own way - warm, friendly, and easy to talk to. Maybe it's the nature of the sport, but I certainly don't come across this generally.


James Hill

'What can I say about my time spent doing an AFF course with Barry and the lads from Freefall Addicts?

I honestly don’t think I can put it into words. One minute I was carrying on as normal in England, stressing out about meeting deadlines.The very next I was throwing myself out of a plane door 12.5k ft above Spanish vineyards!It was awesome!

From the moment I arrived I was made to feel welcome and at ease. My instructor Luci gave me sound advice and support; from ground school right through to my hop and pop, thank you. Each member of the team was always more than willing to answer any
questions I had and offer their experience throughout my stay, I enjoyed every moment and would jump at the chance to go back.'


Nick Boxall-Hunt

"It wasn't until after two days of intensive jumping (15 jumps) that I had a chance to reflect on what I'd done. I had a massive smile on my face all the way back to the UK and am now planning how I can finance my way forward in this sport".

"I finished levels 3 to 8 and 10 consol jumps in 2 days thanks to the blue skies!


Matt Bush

I had a great time! The most amazing experience ever! I've been wanting to do this for the last ten years and finally got my chance!

I was pretty damn nervous at first but Marcus is an excellent instructor and quickly put my mind at ease. The AFF course means you are never overloaded with too much information and each jump you learn some new stuff until you're jumping out on own! The consolidation jumps are really where I started relaxing though and practicing different skills during freefall and the instructors are always around to give you a few ideas of things to try or to help if you are finding something difficult.

The drop zone is very friendly and chilled place and I met some great people there. Hopefully I'll be back soon to do my FS1 with Marcus!


Lesley Garrett

Firstly let me say that I had a great time in the week I spent with the freefalladdicts, I only wish i'd stayed longer! Very tempted to jump on a plane right now! All the staff at the dropzone were very friendly and helpful, each using their enthusiasm for skydiving to encourage and teach us. Luci my instructor, was great! Especially when I couldn't get out of the plane and contemplated giving up skydiving (!) I've a lot to thank her for as ive gone from being very nervous in the plane and dreading the skydive, to actually sitting calmly in the plane listening to music and looking forward to the jump. Most of all im having FUN !

From talking to the instructors, Barry, yourself, the packers, and other students i've learnt a great deal in 1 week. Everyone seems to really enjoy what they are doing and want others to enjoy it too.

I'm hoping to return to Lillo in either January or April 2006 to do the FS1 course, and also go to the tunnel trip in november.


David Bentley - Sports editor of Newspost Ltd

David is an editor of local newspapers and sports publications across the north of England.

I recently travelled to Spain to skydive with Freefall Addicts and I loved every minute of it. I haven't thought of much else since to be honest!
The Freefall Addicts team were incredibly professional, great fun to be around and inspired confidence among all of the students who were training with them. Must be all that adrenalin.
Despite being a freakishly tall Charlie Sheen-lookalike Mike Worthington was worth his weight in gold, taking me through the ground school and later levels. Whenever I was unsure of a procedure, body position or piece of equipment we went back over the drills until I was totally confident and ready to go. It's all good!
007 Barry Maple's top tips always came in handy and the guy's basically the ultimate teacher. In the debrief after each skydive I got massive amounts of feedback and always felt really positive even if something hadn't gone to plan.
The team make you feel like they're only there to skydive with you – it isn't a job to them it's a way of life and it was one of the best weeks I've had in years. Despite looking an idiot in those goggles...
In freefall your perception and vision increases with every jump and you start to see more of the world, instead of just Barry's hand waving in front of your face.
The weather was clear blue skies and warm temperatures almost the whole time and some of the students were getting in eight and nine jumps a day, almost unheard of back in the UK. Barry and Mike are well backed up by Lamorna and Mel, who keep things running behind the scenes and get you back up in the sky with no fuss.
The trip to the dropzone couldn't have been easier – a cheap flight from Liverpool and a short car ride down a Spanish motorway to reach Lillo. Sorted.

You can't fault these guys – get your ass to Spain and jump. ASAP.

Matthew Coughlan

I arrived at Lillo without complication, and I’d only been there just over an hour when they started giving me free beer and free food from the BBQ!
Perfect start to a Perfect Holiday :)
The instructors and equipment are both 1st class, and I felt like a part of the action right from the start.
I can’t believe I’m here now leaving this feedback, I’ve been there and done it, and I’ll be back to do it some more with the all of the other University of Liverpool Skydivers!

I’m back jumping at the North West Parachute Centre in the UK. I got my BPA membership sorted in a matter of days, and now I’m just waiting for a gap in the clouds :)

Thanks to everyone at Lillo, you’re fantastic!

Graham Read - November wind tunnel trip to Bodyflight

Just a quick e-mail to thank and congratulate you on an excellently organised and executed event at Bodyflight over the weekend. It was without doubt the best experience I've had with Freefall Addicts / FFU, a job well done!

Wendy also sends her profound thanks, she was quite nervous to begin with but I think you'll agree made incredible progress for a non-skydiver.

I hope you'll run another visit to the tunnel soon, hopefully some time early in the New Year? Please count on our support if you do!

Ken Willis - Bodyflight master!

"What a way to spend a Friday night - indoor skydiving! From my desk in central London to wind in my hair (okay not strictly true as the helmet and goggles stopped that, not to mention my actual lack of hair!) in less than two hours and using public transport - was surprised how close and easy to get to Bodyflight Bedford was.

Am amazed at how much progress I made - from only 8 previous skydives (and some might say not a great deal of control!) after 20 minutes of tunnel time I was actually in control (okay getting out the door wasn't the most elegant!), rotating and moving back/forth/up/down and without really thinking about which arms/legs to move - how cool is that.

The two instructors (who spookily just manage to stand there while you are flying!) were great - and their subtle hints really made a difference.

Many thanks to Mike 'it's all good' W (and of course Lamorna!) for organising"


Liz Rice

Despite my, and everyone else's, best efforts to get me through my AFF first time around last August, I found Level 5 impossible to achieve and finally called it a day. However, the Freefall Addicts weekend at Bedford wind tunnel last November was a lot of fun and obviously did the trick. Five days at Seville with Barry, Lamorna and Mike was enough to get me through the remaining levels and do a couple of solos with time in hand.

This is the achievement of a life ambition, and I am just thrilled. And it makes it even better that everyone else involved, including other students but particularly Barry, Lamorna and Mike, are also thrilled for me. It really felt that we were all working together, and as I succeeded, so did they.

What a great holiday: all of us living in the apartment together worked really well - intense, but good fun and interesting too. No chance of anyone not making friends, the common interest is far too overwhelming! Great coffee and good food at the DZ. No chance of time hanging heavy.

I am really looking forward to my next visit - soon, I hope.



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