February 2007

Thursday 01/02/2007 and Friday 02/02/2007

Well done to Eileen who can be seen here passing her Last level of AFF
Here is Keiron on his level 5 smiling away!
Keiron finishes a turn on his level 7
Here is Eileen about to leave the aircraft on her first ever solo!
Keiron shakes his instructors hand as hecompletes all the requirements on his level 7
Welcome to Chontelle who can be seen here on here AFF level 3

Friday 02/02/2007 - Monday 05/02/2007

Here is Simon on his level 2, his instructor seems happy!
Chontelle completes a 90 degree turn on her level 4
Simon is released for the first time near sunset on his level 3
Here is Chontelle working on turns on her level 5

Tuesday 06/02/2007 - Thursday 08/02/2007

Here is Simon on his level 5
Chontelle exits the aircraft on her level 7
Congratulations to Chontelle who has graduated AFF!

Thursday 08/02/2007 - Wednesday 28/02/2007

Welcome to Kristel who is here to complete AFF
Welcome also to Martijn who is also here to complete a learn to skydive course
Chris has come to complete his FS1 course and can be seen here turning points with his instructor Sally.


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