February 2006 News


Become a Freefall Addicts Sponsored Student?

Fancy becoming a Freefall Addicts sponsored student? We are currently offering all our ex students the chance to own a full parachute system at a specially sponsored price. Included is a rig management and maintenance program that no other skydiving school could offer! We are also offering the choice between a free canopy course or free canopy downsize (after a years ownership and proof of canopy handling ability).

Please contact Mike for more information.


Brian Vacher from the Safe Flight School was training at Skydive Spain this week. Brian is the captain of the British Canopy Swooping Team.



Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates! We have been busy working on our new facilities take a look below:

New Location!

We are now basing the main part of our operation in the south of Spain, on the outskirts of Seville. Our reasons? Check out the following…

Every lift flies to 15,000ft, the highest altitude in Spain, therefore 20% more freefall time and 20% more for your money! For those thinking about doing the AFF course, this extra learning time means you are less likely to need to repeat any AFF levels.

BPA Associated Dropzone. This facility is British owned and British run, and is recognised by the British Parachute Association (regulated by the BPA Operations manual).

You have 4 airports to choose from:

Whether you want to fly to Seville, Jerez, Malaga or Faro, having achoice of airports means a choice of fares more info here http://www.freefalladdicts.com/GettingHere.shtml

Seville boasts a far superior winter climate to anywhere else in Spain! Ask anyone who was at the Christmas boogie- some skydivers were even jumping without gloves!

World level coaches- John McGiver and Steve Hamilton for 4-way teams, Space freefly team, come learn to fly BirdMan (200 jump minimum)!

Recognised training centre. Come and meet some of the teams that are training here – the UK senior Freestyle team, Space Euphoria freefly team, the wind tunnel Bodyflight 4-way Senior teams and the other teams that are training here for fun!

Choice of aircraft. We have 2 Dorniers to jump from here, each seating 15. The Dornier is a twin turbineaircraft that has a large left hand door (ideal for team training as the majority of skydiving competitions are held from left hand doors). In fact, these aircraft are the exact same ones that the British Nationals are held from each year! We can also jump from a SMG. This is a turbine aircraft similar to the Porter, that seats 10, has a left hand door and is a little more spacious.

More than just an AFF course. Whilst you are here learning to skydive, we will go through the BPA CH1 course which we can sign you up for- head back to the UK with all your BPA A certificate requirements completed!

Close distances to other activities

Whether you want to plan a day out from your skydiving trip, or perhaps bring non skydiving friends/family with you, there are loads of things to do! We like being able to go to the beach and eat fresh seafood…

Seville airport to dropzone – 25 mins

Dropzone to shopping/bowling/restaurants – 5 mins

Dropzone to local town/supermarket/bars/restaurants – 5 mins

Dropzone to Theme Park – 25 mins- Dropzone to Seville centre (bars, restaurants, parks, 2 football stadiums, Cathedral-where Chris Columbusis buried, culture) – 20 mins

20 mins Seville to Jerez (where they make Sherry) – 40 mins

Dropzone to beach – 40 mins

Dropzone to Cadiz (surfing and scuba diving) – 50 mins- Dropzone to the Rhonda mountains (very scenic and also good for paragliding) – 1 hr

Demo Program

Would you like a new set of parachute equipment but don’t quite have the funds? We have an awesome demo program deal that gives you a brand new set of equipment for 3000 euros, including AAD.

Icon, Pilot 210, Smart 190, Cypres2 (stainless steel, RSL, hackey sack, kill line pilot chute) – available NOW!

Icon, Pilot 188, Smart 175, Cypres2 (stainless steel, RSL, hackey sack, kill line pilot chute) – available NOW!

Email me for an information pack and photos.

Refer a friend

For those of you that would like a cash injection to your bank balances, we will give you 100 GBP for your friends/family/colleagues that complete an AFF course with us. Or, you can pass the saving to them and we will take this amount from their AFF balance (valid only on full price AFF courses).



Clear Flex goggles for only 12.50 GBP

Complete rig in excellent condition: Javelin (stainless steel deluxe), Safire 169, Tempo 150, Cypres2 – photos available.

Check out our skydiving T shirts in our Ebay shop, there is still time for us to post them off before Valentine’s day! http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Freefall-Addicts

*** Ideal start up camera helmets WITH Sony video cameras in our ebay shop, auction going on NOW! ***

Advanced Courses

We have something to suit everyone who is wanting to advance their skydiving skills, whether it be the BPA FS1 course, BirdMan course, Introduction to freefly, FF1, or our new BPA CH1 or CH2 course (BPA A and B Certificate requirements).

I think that’s it for now!



The parachute centre is a short 10 minute drive/bus journey and the city of Seville just a 20 minute drive/bus journey/taxi ride away.

This style of accommodation is very flexible- there are laundry facilities and air conditioning in all rooms. Whether you would like to cook yourself meals in the kitchen, or simply use the fridge and freezer to keep your drinks cool, it is up to you!

Penthouse Apartment!

Thinking about your accommodation, we have a luxury penthouse top floor apartment that we have just taken on. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large open plan dining and living area and a large separate dining kitchen. There is also an expansive roof terrace that offers views of the city and countryside and is perfect for evening barbeques and an ice cold beer after a hard days skydiving!

Bars, restaurants and a large supermarket are all within walking distance and there is a shared pool, situated in a private location just a short elevator ride away. There are plenty of parking spaces also. If you would like to stay online whilst you are here and bring your laptop, we also have a wireless internet connection.



Welcome back to Mark Dare, who is here to learn to freefly
Mark also picks up his brand new rig purchased through Freefall Addicts
Mark lands his canopy. He decided to jump in a t-shirt as the temperatures are up to 70 degrees today!
Mark and and his coach Mikey from Freefly Euphoria prep another jump....
Mark looks pleased after his 2nd jump of the day...nice new rig, great coaching and by far the best skydiving weather in Spain at the moment!
Want to learn to fly your canopy like a pro? Come try our canopy course......Unlike other locations in Spain at the moment, the weather here is perfect. Where else could you float around under canopy at 6000ft in a t-shirt in February??!!


Mike, one of the Freefall Addicts instructors decided to have some Freefly coaching with Mikey from Space Euphoria.
This is an example of the sit fly position you will learn on the intro to Freefly course


The Freefall Addicts team took some time out today to visit Gibraltar. Here you can see the main town square where all the Brits hang out. It's a strange place.......a bit of London, that just happens to be in the very south of Europe!
Gibraltar offers VAT free shopping! Armed with a credit card and some extreme bartering skills, we managed to knock nearly 40% off the UK mainland RRP for a new camera!!
Europa point.....from the very south of Gibraltar you can see Africa (Morocco), 14.1 miles away!


And back to skydiving.......

Welcome back to Andrew Thompson, who has returned to see his old instructor Barry Maple. Andrew will do some fun jumping on one of the Freefall Addict's brand new demo rigs....
Here is Andrew in freefall.....on his introduction to FS..
Exits are always fun, here is Andrew leaving the Dornier at 15000ft!!
Andrew and Mike go up for the last jump of the day. Mike decided the weather was warm enough for shorts.....
Mike and Andrew on the ground at sunset...


So today was ground launching day! - We took a main parachute and tried to get it to fly down a hill from a standing start.....there is a whole new sport emerging and many people are becoming interested in this aspect of canopy flight.
A good start.... a stiff breeze and the added bonus of being half way up in the beautiful mountains of Ronda made it easy to get the canopy up and above our heads. Here we were try to find the optimum lift point here.
Barry managed to get his feet off the ground and get the canopy flying. We are currently trying to scout out some more locations so we can start to look at offering a course to our students.
After ground launching we drove a short distance down the road to Marbella on the Costa Del Sol, a few cool drinks in the winter sun (24 degrees celcius!) and then back up to Seville to plan the next few days skydiving.


Blue skies at Skydive Spain. The weather is really starting to warm up now......most of the elevated centre of Spain is still in winter sports mode. In the south we have been able to get the season moving quickly and are already having temperatures in the 70's!
Just in case you didn't believe me!! Derek, our DZ controller, takes a five minute rest to soak up the sun.
Welcome to Simon who is here on our AFF beginners course.
Welcome back to Heidi who is here to finish off her AFF course.
Mike from our partner Freefly school has been load organising and filming for some fun jumpers. This is an exit called a train, where a group of people exit in a linked sit fly position.
And here they are after exit.
Simon is getting to grips with his AFF ground school. He is working with one of our coaches Lamorna.
Heidi works on her malfunction drills in one of the DZ's brand new simulation rigs.
The Freefly group do a 5 way head down exit.
Lamorna takes Simon and Heidi through the aircraft safety procedures...


Welcome to Ian, Amanda, Ellie, Graham and Jim. Ian and Graham are here do do our BPA FS1 course, Amanda and Ellie are here to try our beginners skydive amd Jim is here to do his AFF course.
Graham and Jim tuck into their meal at our favourite local restaurant - Giant Haystacks
Early to bed tonight guys, we have a sunny, warm day forcast and 15000ft waiting for us tomorrow......
Welcome also to Liz Rice who is here on our AFF Course

28/02/2006 - Sat in your office and not jumping?

Check out the Freefall Addicts. We spend time directly with our students to make sure their holidays are the best experiences of their lives. Book directly with the instructors that will teach you. Our company is all about helping people to learn to Skydive, we are not a booking agent and are proud of the students we have worked with. If you are interested in being part of our Freefall Addicts family check out our learn to skydive courses. Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!!

Ian and Graham get ready for another skydive.
Jim and Lamorna get busy with the AFF ground school
Ian and Graham get to grips with their new canopies
Graham on the landing area after an awesome skydive!
Ian kits up ready for another jump. Ian is wearing his brand new parachute system purchased through our gear store
The blue and orange brigade get ready for some more skydives
Meanwhile Liz gets ready for her AFF level 3
A few beers after a hard days skydiving!!


More updates to follow...