Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Freefall Addicts FAQ page. After careful consideration of our client feedback and after some monitoring of our sales process we have come up with the below list of commonly asked questions. If there is anything not covered below that you might like to ask; please feel free to contact us.


Why should I choose the Freefall Addicts?

1. We are a team of people devoted to the training of AFF.
2. Because you get to book directly with your instructors, and not with a booking agency.
3. Because the people you speak with and email and see on the website are the same people that will be looking after your training and best interests on your trip.
4. Because we love to skydive!
5. We believe in giving you top class instruction – every instructor on our staff has a minimum of 1 British Gold medal in the sport of skydiving.
6. Because we don’t dress you in boiler suits! All our equipment, instructor and student, looks identical- making you feel a member of the team!
7. We will support your skydiving after you depart, by organising wind tunnel trips, intermediate training courses, sensible priced equipment and fun trips to Florida.
8. Because we are specifically a skydiving AFF school, we can dedicate all of our time to your training- you do not need to worry about your instructor being used for tandems/tandem video work/other students.

9. We promise that you will receive one on one student/instructor training.
10. Freefall Addicts is not an AFF factory. We continue to support ex students and graduates by offering wind tunnel trips, Florida trips, post AFF courses and support back in the UK. We are also on call should you need advice on your parachuting, whether you have questions about different licenses or that 2nd hand set of parachute equipment you have seen.


Do all your instructors speak English?

All our staff are British. We don’t use foreign instructors, so you have no concerns about understanding accents or expressions whilst learning to skydive.


How long will my course take?

The AFF course starts with an Introduction to the parachute centre by your instructor. You will then carry out the ground school training which is comprised of 10 different lessons and will take about 6 hours to complete – depending on the length of breaks you have in between lessons. You are then ready for your first skydive!
Throughout the course you will be able to progress as quickly as you like, doing as many jumps per day that you are comfortable with. Most people do around 3 AFF skydives each day, although it has been known for people to double that! Remember that you are taking in a lot of information and the adrenalin you will experience will tire you out! When you are onto your consolidation skydives, the sky really is the limit!


When do your courses start?

Our course dates are tailored to suit your personal requirements. We operate with a strict one student to one instructor ratio. Therefore you can choose the best dates that suit you and simply call to confirm we have an instructor free on the day you wish to start.

We are open year all round and only close for the 25th and 26th of December. The weather in Spain is ideal for student jumping, with endless blue skies and low winds.



Does static line experience count towards my AFF course?

You will find that you are at an advantage due your previous parachuting experience. The equipment, aircraft procedures and environment will be familiar. If you have done a 10 second delay then you can convert to the AFF course, starting on AFF level 3.

What type of aeroplanes will I be jumping from?

At our Seville location we can skydive from either a Dornier (seats 15) or SMG (seats 10). It is great for a dropzone to have a choice of aircraft and its fun to skydive from different planes as well!

What do level repeat costs means and what is the likelihood of having to do one?

Throughout the AFF course you are learning all of the principal skydiving skills to be able to skydive on your own. Each level teaches you a new skill whilst practicing the skills already learnt. Sometimes, a student may need to repeat a level to ensure that the skills have been grasped. Remember you have all of your instructor’s attention and they will be working with you on the ground before and after every jump to ensure your success on every skydive.

I am a qualified skydiver / a friend of mine is qualified and would like to come with me?

No problem! It’s great to have friends/family along to share your experience. We also have various intermediate skydiving courses if they would like to work on their skydiving skills.

Where are you located?

We are an independent company located at Skydive Spain. Our training facilities are situated on the drop zone which is approximately 20 minutes from Seville airport. The dropzone is neighboured by the town of Bullullos, and the city of Seville. Seville is famous for it's Cathedral, orange trees, excellent food and nights out! The beach is just a 40 minute drive. Here we have fantastic weather, English speaking staff and great nightlife!


What are 'consolidation jumps' ?

AKA as ‘consols’, these are the solo jumps that you do directly after your AFF course. These jumps are designed for you to consolidate your new skydiving knowledge and increase your confidence. Your instructor will be supporting you during this time, and teaching you some of the more advanced aspects- new types of exiting the plane, learning how to check your own equipment, perhaps a packing lesson and even jumping out with you to provide a friendly face in the sky!

When is the weather best for Skydiving in South Spain?

Spain offers excellent weather for skydiving. During the Summer, jumping starts at 9am and finishes at about 9.30pm when the last lift of the day lands. Summer temperatures throughout Spain are warm, although that does not stop us from skydiving, and it is refreshing to jump in the cool air. During the Winter the weather is not quite so constant, and of course it is cooler. However, conditions that prevent us from skydiving do not normally last more than a day or two.

What is the BPA?

The BPA is the parachute governing body for Great Britain.

What is the USPA?

The USPA is the largest parachute association in the World and the USPA qualification we also issue is the most recognised qualification in the world.


Is my parachute equipment in good condition and properly maintained to British standards?

Freefall Addicts is proud to say that all our equipment is brand new and maintained and reserve repacked to BPA FAI standards. The school purchases new equipment on a regular basis to ensure that our customers are always skydiving with state of the art equipment.

What happens if I cannot complete my course due to … weather, illness, personal choice?

We will make every effort to get you through the course, but should any unforeseen circumstances out of our control dictate otherwise, we will make every effort to ensure you can come back and finish off at a time convenient to you.

Will I have a set of equipment for my own use, or will this be shared with other students?

Due to the amount of equipment we have, you will be given your own altimeter, helmet, goggles, parachute system etc for the duration of your stay.

Is the company run by instructors?

Yes, the company is owned and run by instructors meaning we know exactly what your skydiving needs are and are completely up to date with safety and teaching regulations.

What can I do when I am not skydiving?

Have a look at our section ‘Other Activities’ on the website. Here you will find information about what else you can do in the evenings, or if you would like to take a day out from skydiving to explore the local region.

Can I get equipment advice?

Of course. Equipment seminars are held on a regular basis and organised on request. These don’t only teach you about different manufacturers but give you an insight into the rigging and technicalities involved in different sets of equipment, along with advice for choosing equipment that is correct for your size, weight and experience.

Can you teach me to pack?

Yes. You can learn flat packing and pro packing. We can get you to a standard where you are happy to jump your own pack job within a day.