Our Equipment for your AFF Course

We have 7 brand new sets of AFF parachutes along with a full range of jumpsuits, helmets, radios and altimeters to be used as training aids. We have further equipment for all levels of experience- from student, to intermediate to experienced skydivers.

The equipment we use for our AFF courses is maintained to UK and British Pasrachute Association safety standards.

Aerodyne Student Harness/Containers.
Maunufactured by Aerodyne International our student containers are a stylish and a very safe piece of kit.

Navigator Main Canopies.
Accepted as the leading student parachute.

Aerodyne Smart Reserves.
The Smart Reserve is the latest generation in reserve parachute technology.

Airtec Automatic Opening Device.
Designed to deploy your reserve parachute in the event of you being unable to open your main parachute. AAD’s are used by skydivers with all levels of experience and are one of the many safety devices that are used on modern day parachuting equipment.

General Approach:
We make student safety our prime concern and all gear is regularly inspected and maintained.

Check out our manufactures websites for more info: