December 2005 News


Sunny days in Lillo. Check out the DZ's new aircraft. We are now regularly jumping from altitudes of up to 14000ft. This extra height affords for much greater learning time on our AFF Courses. No other dropzone in the area can boast two fast climbing aircraft and unrivaled turn around time. Jump more, learn more enjoy more at Skydive Lillo!
It's nearly Boogie time! - The DZ is starting to get busy in the lead up to its christmas event. There will be a helicopter in Lillo from the 8th of December. Fancy doing your level 8 from a chopper?


A warm welcome to the Spanish Army! These guys have decided to come down to see us to work on both their canopy and relative flying skills. Here you can see a coached 4-way jumping being prepared.
Other news.....check out our classroom you can see our very own Barry and Lamorna working on our new promo video. They are also wearing our brand new jump suits. We like all our instructors and students to wear the same colours as it makes us feel part of the same team and looks awesome on your free DVD and digital stills!


As promised, Freefall Addicts are pleased to announce two further locations to our already fabulous location at Skydive Lillo. We are now running Skydiving courses in Seville at Skydive Spain and scheduled trips to Skydive DeLand in Florida.


In addition to this and in conjunction with our partners Sky Science, we are now offering powered parachute courses. Have a look at our new web page for more details - click here


Why book with a Freefall booking agent when you can book directly with your instructors?

Everything we do here at Freefall Addicts is run directly by our staff. Talk to Lamorna our sales manager- she is also a USPA Coach and will be working on formation skydiving with you. Talk to Barry, our rigger and school manager - he is an AFF instructor and will help you to learn to skydive. Talk to Mike our business manager, he is an AFF instructor and Tandem instructor, whilst also flying on a formation skydiving team.

If you want to be the best, book with the guys that eat, sleep and breath skydiving!


Check out some Powered Parachutes in operation. Here you can see an attempt at the launch record. Why not try one of our courses and learn to fly yourself? See our Powered Parachute Pages


Some fun jumpers take advantage of the Seville winter sun. Light winds, blue skies and a temperature of 17 degrees. Not bad for December!


Skydive Spain have brought in their Dornier for the Christmas and New Year boogie. They have an impressive fleet of aircraft (including their SMG92) and also benefit from drop altitudes of up to 15000ft, a massive benefit to student learning.
Skydive Spain, near Seville, one sunny winters evening......and by the way I am sat in the outside bar with just a t-shirt on!


Busy day at the DZ! It is a bank holiday here in Spain. Local jumpers and foreign jumpers alike take advantage of central Spain and it's fine weather.


A tandem skydive is an ideal way to introduce yourself to our sport. Why not take a look at our Gold AFF package or even try an AFF level 1?
Learning to pack helps you to gain more knowledge about the equipment you are jumping. It is a good skill to have when you are jumping on a busy DZ and there are no packers available. Freefall Addicts are able to offer you a learn to parachute pack course in addition to the many other courses we run.


Welcome back to our Pilatus Porter. The Porter was away it Switzerland for a yearly service. At Skydive Lillo all the aircraft are maintained and run to Civil Aviation Authority guidelines.


Welcome to Heidi Warner from Milton Keynes who is here to learn to skydive. Heidi is a visual communications student at the University of Central England.


Heidi gets to grips with the parachute equipment she will be jumping. This is one of many lessons in our comprehensive ground school that is designed to prepare someone who has never jumped before to do their first skydive.


Heidi walks to the aircraft for her AFF Level 1. Her instructors for this jump were Mike and Luci.
Heidi after her first ever skydive. All it takes is a half day of ground school and you are ready to go......


Here is Heidi in freefall just after exit. You can see the basic arched body position she is using to gain stability and work with the airflow.


Here Heidi is working on her freefall awareness and stability.


Heidi with her instructors just before going up for another jump.
Want digital stills of your course? No problems!
Here's Heidi after another skydive!


  We were recently checking out the new Airkix wind tunnel at Milton Keynes. We took a few students there to give them some extra flying time due to the great offers they have at the moment. Pictures to follow........  


  Merry Christmas to everyone!


Freefall Addicts at the new Sky Venture Wind Tunnel in Milton Keynes.
Heidi, a recent AFF student masters static flight. For more information about tunnel camps have a look at our tunnel section or contact us.


Boogie time at Skydive Lillo again. The dropzone is hosting a New Year celebration and people from all over Europe have come to jump the helecopter and the two full time aircraft we have here.


More updates to follow!