December 2006 News

Friday 01/12/2006 - Tuesday 05/12/2006

Welcome to John Humphries who is here to complete a learn to skydive course
Here are the guys including John by the aircraft after another skydive.
John lands his canopy on his AFF graduation skydive
John completes a solo un-assisted exit watched closely by his instructor
Here is John in the aircraft just before his AFF Level 8

Thursday 07/12/2006

Welcome back to Neil Sim who is here to complete his BPA FS1. Neil is an offshore oilrig worker and races motor bikes when he is not skydiving (and at sea)!
Neil works on his linked 2-way exits
Here you can see Neil coming in to dock. This is one of the many skill sets you work on during the course.

Friday 08/12/2006

Here is Neil preparing for his FS1 qualification jump with Mike and Sally
Our larger aircraft, the Dornier, has returned for the winter. It seats 15 people and climbs to 15000ft in 10 minutes! Also for our Christmas event there will be 2 further Dorniers as well as the SMG.
Neil looks relaxed in the aircraft just before his skydive. Mikey decided to come and film this jump from above so there are some nice overhead photos below:
The point we are just about to build is called a Phalanx.
Neil has just turned his last point and has passed his FS1 course. Congratulations!

Sunday 10/12/2006

We welcome back Jim and Lisa. Jim has returned to do some FS coaching and Lisa is here for a short break from normal life
Here is Jim in freefally on an FS Coaching jump with Sally

11/12/2006 -20/12/2006

Welcome to Lewis Watson who is here to complete his FS1
Also welcome to Philip Saunders who is here for FS1 too.
Philip comes in to land his canopy.....
Here Philip is climbing out of the aircraft to make a linked exit with his instructor
Lewis looks happy in freefall and is working on some grip taking exercises....
Here you can see Lewis working on his sideways movement

Friday 22/12/2006

Welcome to Russell Horgan who is here to finish off his consolidation jumps and do some further training
Russell exits the aircraft on a coached jump
Welcome to Toby Herron who is here to complete his FS1

Wednesday 27/12/2006

The Christmas boogie is well underway and the hangar is full to overflowing. There are two Dorniers flying regular back to back lifts and many more activities going on for all ranges of experience..........
Welcome back to Jenni who is here to do some fun jumping. Jenni was an AFF student back in April
Welcome to Mark who is here as part of the boogie. Mark will be joining in with the load organised big ways and maybe do some freefly coaching with the grinning Mikey Carpenter!
Welcome to Alun Morris who is here to fun jump too

Thursday 28/12/2006

Welcome back to Dave and Julie. Dave is here to fun jump and Julie may be doing some currency training to get back in the air!
Welcome to the Vic Scargill AKA The Scargertron! Vic is a member of the 4-way team Polaris, sponsored by Freefall Addicts. Vic is here with her boyfriend Simon who will be completing his AFF course
Welcome to Jasper who is here to learn to skydive. Jasper is a keen adventure sports enthusiast and want to add skydiving to his list of extreme sports.
Here is Jasper on his Level 5
Toby and Alun plan a 2-way jump together
Welcome to Simon Hatfield, pictured with our instructor Sally. Simon is here to complete his AFF course
Here is Simon on his AFF level 2
Jasper looks cool and even slightly scary as he checks his altitude!

Saturday 30/12/2006

Here is Simon exiting the aircraft on his AFF level 6
Simon completes his track and gets thumbs up from Mike on his level 6
Simon geeks the camera at the end of his jump, level 7 next!


More pictures to follow soon......


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