BPA CH1 and CH2 Canopy Course

This 6 jump, 2-3 day course is designed for either new skydivers working towards their British A-Licence qualification (BPA CH1), those working towards their Britsh B-Licence qualification (BPA CH2), or more experienced jumpers wanting to improve their existing skills. We will teach you how to formulate a safe flight plan and help you to develope new techniques to make the most out of your time under canopy. We will aim to adapt the course to suit the needs of the individual and offer a price inclusive of coaching, video debrief and hop 'n' pop slots on the aircraft. This course is also perfect for those working towards their A-Licence under the USPA system.

The Freefall Addicts Canopy School is run by Barry Maple, who is a qualified British Parachute Association CH1 and CH2 coach.

Barry is also an AFF instructor and S&TA (safety and training advisor) for the largest parachute association in the world, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

On our course we will show you how to organise dispatch from the aircraft for safe canopy seperation based on size, type and weight of the jumper.

We have a set of canopy drills to practice above 2500 feet including use of rear risers, use of front risers, harness turns, flat turns (braked turns) and finding stall points. We will show you how to monitor loss of altitude in each of these maneouvers.

The next section will look at how to extend the range of your canopy so you can recover from deep spots (using toggles and rear risers), how to transfer landing patterns to different areas and how to fly to your final setup point.

All the above skills are components of the BPA CH1 course.

We will then move on to look at canopy recovery, flare points and the landing sequence, whilst incorporating the final requirements of the BPA CH2 course: Pre-declared landings, rear riser avoidance turns and general traffic management.


This course is of benefit for all skydivers wishing to improved on their safety and awareness whilst under canopy.

We will aim to always keep numbers in the group to a reasonable level and can offer advice on future training and equipment purchase.


The course will start with a ground school and theory session. On each jump you will be given a set of skills to practice and will be asked questions about you experiences whilst under canopy.

All landings and last portions of your canopy flight will be filmed so that you can be debrief on the ground.

There will be six sessions, each followed by a hop 'n' pop jump.

At the end of the course you will get our canopy manual and a copy of your video footage.

As mentioned above, this course is inclusive of ground school lessons, coaching fees, video debrief and hop 'n' pop slots.

Please visit our prices section or contact us for more details.



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