Learn to Fly a Wing Suit

Freefall Addicts are now able to offer our customers a Birdman Wing Suit Course. We operate at a dropzone that has a fully qualified instructor and we are able to offer you both a beginners course and a more advanced course. Have a look at the information below or contact us to find out more.


One jump introduction course, including ground school.

If you don't want to commit to the full 10 jump course (see below), then why not take advantage of our One Jump Introductory Course. This involves the ground school, one jump and debrief with Alex, our birdman instructor and your jump on DVD. Bring 2 or more friends with you and the Introductory Course price will drop from 150 Euros to 135 Euros per person. Have a look at our prices page for more information or contact us.

Picture by Birdman International


Birdman Skyflying Course

The course involves ground school of half a day and 10 jumps with the Birdman Coach (Alex Thomson). The ground school begins with you being given history of Birdmen and their development, and being introduced to a wingsuits. You will be shown how to hook up your wingsuit to the chosen rig and how to hook up your wings.

Alex will then explain and show you how to get into the wingsuit and go through various checks you must do before boarding the aircraft. Preparation for the flight involves theory on weather conditions, briefing your fellow jumpers, pilots etc. and flight pattern. There is also much theory on Birdman flight techniques; exits, flight, wave-off, pull and after the pull.

The course price includes all the wingsuit hire, instruction, de-briefing and DVD of the jumps. Please note: your personal gear may not be suitable for wingsuit jumping, hire kit is available on the dropzone. The idea main canopies are non elliptical such as Sabres, Silhouettes, Pilots, Safires or Spectres. Advice can be given prior to your trip, just contact us.

Picture by Birdman Internation


Our requirements are taken from the recommendation of the birdman suit manufacturers. Whilst birdman is an amazing part of skydiving, some experience is required: A minimum of 200 freefall skydives made within the past 18 months

If you are interested in booking a Birdman course please contact us.