August 2005 News


  Stefan, one of our Tandem and AFF Instructors takes a new jumper for his first freefall.







  Stefan has over 6000 jumps and offers experience in many other diciplines to pass on to his students.







  Liz Rice on her AFF level 5. She is wearing one of our 25 brand new sets of gear.







  Luis is one of our Pilots and has many flying hours on the Pilatus Porter. He is also a flying instructor.







  James Hill gets ready to do his AFF level 1 - In the background is Liz Rice on level 2.









Here is James doing some practice pulls as part of his course. On the left is his 2nd instructor Barry Maple.







  Juanby is our head pilot. He is also an instructor on the Porter. He specialises in fly bys!







  James seems to be enjoying his course....... here he is working on his turns on level 5.









James sets up in the door for his first un-assisted exit with his instructor following.







  Pablo, the current World Intermediate Swoop Champion comes in to land. Lillo is his home DZ.







  Here is Pablo's dad Toni. He is a Tandem Master here at Lillo.







  James performs an unstable exit (forward roll) for his level 7







  James's instructor Luci Boella congratulates him after graduating his AFF course.







  Ian McCluskey walk out to the aircraft to do his first AFF level.







  Is he happy or is he nervous? - Mostly happy!







  Ian get release in freefall for the first time on his level 3.







  Here is Ian on his level 4 looking a bit camera shy!







  Skydive Lillo supports the 2005 British National Junior 4-way champions.







  We are very pleased with our new student parachutes. Here you can see one starting to deploy.







  Ian tracks (fast forward movement) for his level 7.







  Ian has just graduated AFF. Well done!







  Keith Fenech (right) gets ready for a consol jump.







  It's always good to see people having fun. Here is a group shot of all the Brits around the DZ. A bunch of Army medics, some of our AFF students and Luci Boella - one of our instructors.







  Keith appears to have a talent for sunset shots.....







  ....the sunset load lands







  ....time for a beer!







  Phillip Cullen, an Easyjet pilot gets ready for a different sort of flying. He brings with him the film crew from "Airport" (you can see the camera man on the co-pilot seat). We hope to see the footage broadcasted later on this year.






  Here is Phillip on his level 4.







  Phillip stop his turn for a quick camera geek!







  Phillip exits solo for the first time with his instructor following. The idea of this is to show that the student can exit in a stable position and maintain heading awareness.







  Gear up time! - Phillip gets ready for his level 6...







  Phillip deploys for himself on his level 6. He is wearing one of our brand new jumps suits and student rigs.







  Here is Phillip demonstrating an unstable exit (and later recovery) as part of his level 7.







  Phillip graduates AFF. Only 10 more solo jumps (consolidation) and he will be a fully licenced skydiver!







  This is one of the new bars that has just opened in Lillo. They offer bar snacks and tapas, or if you want something more substantial there is a restaurant next to the bar.







  The dream team.....maybe! - Here we are enjoying a few beers with our students....







  Sydney - The dropzone dog takes a rest after a hard day at the office.







  We thought we would try some of the kebabs in one of the local bars.....something that the Irish and the Brits always seem to want after a few beers!







  Here is one of the other Dorniers that is available to us.







  A Dornier is a big formation flyers dream. Here you can see a 15-way being launched. There are 6 people outside the aircraft!







  Stephen and Mark from Dublin came to Lillo to work on their Formation Skydiving skills. They jumped all week with Marcus Laser, who participated on the World record 357-way in Thailand.







  Our Pilatus Porter takes off in the glorious Spanish sunshine.