April 2006 News Part 2

Thursday 13/04/2006

Jenni and Mike just before going up for AFF level 7
Jenni exits on level 7, this exit is a forward roll and is used to demonstrate stability recovery
Here is Jenni tracking on her level 7
Heidi and Barry just before going up for level 7
Here is Heid in freefall after completing all her in air tasks
Jenni comes in to land her parachute
Heidi and Barry on the landing area. Congratulations to Heidi who now graduates AFF!
Congratulations also to Jenni who is now a Freefall Addicts Graduate!
Kate and Jenni get ready for their first ever solo skydive
Kate after landing
Here is Mark just before going up for another coach jump with Mikey. Mark is working on his FF1 qualification
Here is Keith on his FS1 doing something called dive to pin. This is a technique used to recover extreme vertical seperation in freefall
Keith works on his turns in place
Here is Keith on his 3-way. On the far left you can see Simon Brentford who has kindly offered to help us out. Simon is a very experienced 4-way jumper from the UK
Welcome to Andy Stammers who is here on our canopy course
Welcome to Andy Suett, who is here on his FS1 course
Here is Andy in Freefall working on his forward movement and docking skills
Barry and Stuart just before going up for AFF level 1
Here is Stuart in the air on level 1
Stuart with his instructors on the landing area at sunset
A few beers to celebrate todays achievements!

Friday 14/04/2006

Here is Keith on his FS1 4-way skydive
Welcome to Alex Holland who is here to complete his FS1
A few of our customers on flightline....on the far left/right are Mike and Daz who have come to visit as part of their Spainwide DZ tour!

Friday 15/04/2006

Welcom to Russel Horgan who is here to finish off his AFF
Andy comes down after another FS coach jump
Iain and Mikey on the ground after some more head down coaching
Russel and Alex in the centre are getting ready to go up with Barry and Mike for some more jumping
Congratulations to Alex who has just graduated AFF!

Sunday 16/04/2006

Here is Alex in freefall. Alex is working on some 180 degree turns in place
Andy is getting towards the end of his FS1 course now and can be seen here working on slot flying skills
Kate exits the aircraft on her 6th consolidation jump
Jenni exits the aircraft in a forward roll on her 7th consol jump
Here is Heidi in the door getting ready for another solo skydive

Monday 17/04/2006

Here is Russell after his AFF level 8. In a short 4 days Russell has managed to do AFF levels 3 to 8 and 7 of his consolidation jumps!
Here is Alex Holland on his FS1 4-Way - he managed 8 points and has now gained his FS1 qualification
Heidi exits the aircraft on her AFF level 8
Also doing a hop and pop for her level 8 is Kate
Here is Andy on his FS1 3-way
Some beers at the end of the day. Congratulations to Alex for his FS1 and our happy tree friends Katie and Heidi for doing their level 8's!

Tuesday 17/04/2006

Katie, Heidi and Jenni get ready for another consolidation jump. Jenni has completed her AFF Level 8 this morning and has also finished her consolidation jumps.
Katie has also finished her consolidation jumps today and is working on her BPA CH1 canopy grade
Here is Jenni after another fun jump. She is jumping one of our brand new consolidation rigs - a Pilot 210
A few drinks in one of our local restaurants after jumping

Sunday 23/04/2006

Polaris 4-way, including Mike Worthington from Freefall Addicts turn points at sunset over Sevilla. Photograph by Mike Carpenter.

Tuesday 25/04/2006

Our adventure sports article archive has moved to the Freefall Addicts website. Have a look at the menu link at the top or click here to check it out.
Sorry for the lack of updates, we have just taken a short Easter break. We welcome Paul Stoneham who is here for some fun jumping and Freefly coaching. We will be welcoming more fun jumpers, AFF and canopy students in the next few days, so keep your eyes on the news!


Thursday 27/04/2006

Here is Mike Kelly doing some Head Down coaching with Mike Carpenter
Welcome also to Ian and Steffan who are here on our canopy course. Also welcome to Kirsty who is here to learn to skydive. Pictures to follow.
Ian and Steffan get debriefed on their landings by Barry
Here is Kirsty on the last part of her ground school training
Kirsty works on some exit drills for leaving the aircraft
Here is Kirsty in freefall on her level 1
A few beers after a hard days work........

Saturday 29/04/2006

Joel and Lamorna get ready for an FS coaching jump
Here they are after landing
Ian and Steffan after another skydive together
Here is Kirsty on her AFF level 6
Kirsty locks on to her altimeter just before starting her parachute deployment sequence
Another busy day at Skydive Spain. Level 7 for Kirsty and FS1 4-way for Joel tomorrow

Sunday 30/04/2006

Barry and Joel get ready for another FS coaching jump. Here you can see them working on exit technique in the aircraft mockup
Ian and Steffan have finished their canopy courses now and are shown here preparing a 2-way formation skydive
The guys on the landing area at sunset
Congratulations to Kirsty who graduated AFF today!


More updates to follow later!