April 2006 News

Saturday 01/04/2006 - No April fools here!

As promised Freefall Addicts are happy to announce the arrival of their skydivers forum. This is the place to go to keep in touch with everyone you have met on your skydiving holidays. We will be using the forum to send special offers to all those who are registered users and also to keep you up to date with events, news and training here in sunny south Spain.

Here is James under canopy working on his accuracy skills
Ray and James get ready for another skydive
Ray exits the aircraft on his AFF Level 8
Mikey from the Freefly School uses an alternate method of transport on the landing area! Watch out for Derek and dont cross the beer line!
Ray comes in to land from his Level 8 hop 'n' pop!
Here is our jump ship that will take you to 15000ft in 10 minutes!

Sunday 02/04/2006

James gets ready for another hop 'n' pop for his canopy course
James comes in to land
Here is James exiting the aircraft on another jump
....and here he is a few seconds later!!
Mike, Jim and Andy are training for the world meet. To be the best, you need to train with the best, so if you are interested in some coaching from Team Outbreak then click here for more information

Monday 03/04/2006

James comes in to land. Working through our canopy course has enabled him to downsize to jump his own canopy - a Sabre 190
Welcome to Iain and David Higgins who are both here on our BPA FS1 course
Here's a group picture just before we go up for another jump
Mike and David exit the aircraft on David's first FS1 jump
David looks calm and in control in freefall. Here you can see him working on a body position called the Mantis
Iain exits the aircraft on one of his FS1 dives. Iain is working on his dive exit and aiming to fly straight out of the door - pretty good job!
Here is Iain in freefall at sunset. He is working on his slow fall position.......just a little further.....!!
Meanwhile David works on his 90 degree turns in place. This is not as easy as it seems. Lot of referencing and turn control is required to pull this off, David however appears to be a natural!
Here is David under canopy. He is jumping rig number 3. We know this as all our rigs have numbers on the containers and the canopies have the corresponding number of orange stripes. This helps us locate our students at any time whilst under canopy.

Tuesday 04/04/2006

Here is David after just exiting the aircraft. We have been working on exit count timings, exit flying techniques and working straight out of the door.
Here is David working on his side sliding
As part of this skydive David was working on his outfacing turns
Here is Iain working on the same skillset. Iain has mastered the Mantis body position and is now able to turn in place very efficiently
Welcome to Liz Boniface (bottom right) who is here on our canopy course. We decided to go bowling this evening at one of the local entertainment areas, a short walk from our accommodation facilities.
After bowling we moved to the adjacent bar to play pool.....our local area is filled with cinemas, bars, restaurants and even a McDonalds for those that like a taste of home! - Our local, the Boxer bar, has even started stocking British beer! We are based right in the middle of a growing metropolis, so we can take you directly to anything you want to do within 10 minutes. Jump all day, play all night!
Welcome also to Rob. Rob is a teacher from London and is here on one of our learn to skydive courses. Rob will be doing his ground school tomorrow with Lamorna and will do his first jump in the late afternoon. After Rob arrived we seemed strangely drawn to our local BBQ steak house - Giant Haystacks. For 9 Euros per head (about six quid) we all had a buffet and a couple of glasses of Sangria - nice!

Wednesday 05/05/2006

Ok, well I guess I should tell everyone that it is Barry's birthday today - he is at least 25, but less than 30. That is all I'm giving away! If you want to send Barry a "Happy Birthday" then drop into the Addicts' Forum and join the happy birthday thread in the General Discussions section.
Here is Rob working on his exit drills as part of his AFF ground school. Check in, OK; check out, OK; Up, down and Arch! The first part is called the hotel check, this is the communication sequence between students and instructors prior to leaving the aircraft. Good communication is important for launching a successful exit.
Rob works on his basic freefall body shape. This is called the box position and is used as a nice stable platform to carry out basic freefall manoeuvres. The arched body position gives us stability in freefall and this is the basis for all the flying tasks we carry out.
Mike and Barry enjoy a few drinks in the Boxer bar


Thursday 06/04/2006

Barry and Iain work on some different types of exit as part of the FS1 course

Friday 07/04/2006

Liz gets ready for another skydive. Liz is here on our canopy course and has been working on rear riser turns, increasing the range of the canopy and flat turns.
Rob, David and Iain just before gearing up for their first skydive of the day
Here is Iain on one of his FS1 skydives. Iain is working on 90 degree turns and side sliding
Here is Rob pictured on his AFF level 1. He is just going through the first part of his skydive sequence called the HASP. This is the time when your instructors start to communicate in air signal to help with body position and control
Here is Rob in freefall again under the watchful eye of Mike and Barry
Here is the gang just before getting on the aircraft for another skydive, as you can see the dropzone is very busy mid week and the Dornier has completed multiple loads to 15000ft today.
We all meet together on the landing area after the end of the skydive to share in the highlights of the last jump and watch the all the canopies come in to land
Here is our canopy school coach Barry. He is jumping his new Performance Designs Velocity 96.
Barry and Iain debrief a skydive. All your footage is shown to you in a structured manner and used to help you correct small problems and further extend your skills from the previous jump
Mike and David prepare for another jump.
Here is David about to leave the aircraft on his "dive to pin". This where you leave the aircraft just after your instructor and dive down to meet them. This is a technique used to recover large verticle seperations
Here is David on his FS1 3-way. Nice job - 4-way next!
Here is Rob on his AFF level 2. Rob was doing so well his reserve side instructor was able to release and move around the front to get some more detailed footage for debrief

Saturday 08/04/2006

Welcome to Jenni who is here on one of our AFF courses
Apollo is also here on one of our beginner courses
Welcome also to Stuart who is here to complete AFF level 1 and then who knows.....
Katie also joins the group and is going to complete a learn to skydive course
Welcome to Mark Owen who is here to learn to freefly with Mikey
Lamorna takes everyone through basic freefall stability. We find this lesson is best taught in small groups so all the students can watch each other before going on to the freefall and exit lessons with their own instructors
Busy busy day! The hangar is full of skydivers and the Dornier has already done 25 loads, still another 3 hours of jumping too.....
Here is Iain and David just before they go to do their FS1 4-way jumps
Here is David in the middle of his 4-way. This point is called an Open Accordian
Iain geeks the camera in the middle of his 4-way. Iain managed to pull off a difficult exit and scored 8 points in total.
Iain turns and tracks away after his 4-way. This is a technique used by skydivers to get good seperation away from other jumpers before deploying their canopies

Sunday 09/04/2006

Welcome to Malcolm who has come to do some fun jumping with us
Iain and David on the landing area after one of their first skydives together since passing FS1
Here is Jenni just before going up for her AFF level 1
Jenni checks in with her instructor, all is good!
Here is the gang on the landing area after Jenni's skydive
Here is Kate, just before her first jump
Kate checks in with her instructor just before starting practice pulls
Kate and Barry on the landing area after the jump
Here is Apollo and Stuart. Stuart will jump tomorrow and Apollo completed his level 1 today
Here is Mark after another freefly coached jump with Mikey
Welcome to Paul Goodman (right) who is pictured here with Pete, a fun jumper at the DZ. Paul is here for some more freefly coaching
Welcome to Keith Bates who is here to complete his FS1 course

Monday 10/04/2006

Here is Jenni just before her level 3. Jenni is jumping with Barry and Mike
Here is Jenni in freefall after being released by both her intructors
This is Kate on her level 3 after being released. Kate is working on controlling heading and relaxing in freefall.
Here is Jenni just before exiting the aircraft on her AFF level 4
Mike and Jenni on the landing area at sunset

Tuesday 11/04/2006

Here is Jenni on her AFF level 5. Heading control and 360 degree turns - all good!
Kate gets ready for AFF level 6. This will be her first unlinked exit from the aircraft
Kate works on the dive flow in the hangar just before gearing up
Here is Kate in the air on Level 6. Level 7 tomorrow!
Meanwhile Keith is working on his FS training with Lamorna
Jenni and Kate with their instructors Mike and Barry on the landing area
Here are Keith and Lamorna just outside the hangar. Keith has been working on fall rate control in the air
The Freefly Mafia! Paul, Iain and Mark are all training with the Mikey's Freefly school. Iain has just got his FF1 qualification and is working towards his FF2. Paul is here on an FF2 course and Mark is here on his FF1 course
David and Malcolm get ready for another fun jump
Busy bar, lots of beer - this is now a regular scene at Skydive Spain.....

Wednesday 12/04/2006

Jenni exits the aircraft on her AFF level 6
Here is Jenni in freefall on level 6
Here is Kate on her AFF level 7, Kate graduated today after an awesome skydive
Here is Keith jumping on one of his FS1 skydives


More updates to follow this later!