Adventure Weekends

A weekend like no other! Guaranteed to give a thrill to all adventure fanatics, stag and hen weekends, birthdays and corporate team building.

Your weekend will start in a laid back restaurant of your choice. Before you know it you will be whizzing around the countryside of Seville in an open cockpit aircraft. If you didn’t find that exciting enough, the next phase of the weekend will have you plummeting towards the ground at over 120 mph! After 1 minute of terminal velocity, you will deploy your parachute and float peacefully back to earth. The ultimate adrenaline rush. You will be met on the ground by your instructors and friends, to allow the adrenaline to subside whilst enjoying an ice cold beer…

Powered Parachute Flight Experience

What is a Powered Parachute? It is an ultralight aircraft with an open cockpit airframe, powered by a light, powerful and reliable engine.

Powered Parachuting is the safest, funniest, coolest, neatest, most awesome form of recreational flying devised by man.

The powered parachute can be both a peaceful flight machine and hair raising experience depending on the desires of the pilot and passenger!


During a more tranquil flight, the powered parachute weaves in and out the countryside, skimming the gently undulating plains of the Seville landscape allowing you to feel the breeze on your face and appreciate the awesome scenic views.

Should you wish to experience the full capabilities of the powered parachute this machine turns into an exhilarating suspended rollercoaster, with its high speed turns, spins, spirals and dives towards the ground and the best part is that you’re not enclosed inside a cabin. Of course your safety is never compromised as your pilot is a Hollywood film stunt man- you can even see him with the powered parachutes in action in the James Bond film, ‘The World is Not Enough’.


Skydive Experience

We are offering the ultimate new skydiving experience, the AFF (Accelerated Freefall) Level 1.

An AFF skydive is the most modern and exhilarating introduction to the skydiving world. Revolutionising the world of parachute training, it combines all the thrills of doing a tandem skydive, but with a much larger adrenalin rush and sense of achievement that you would gain from a static line jump. AFF level 1 is geared towards the person that wants to do a skydive, experiencing both freefall and being in control of their own parachute for landing.


There is no longer the necessity to be uncomfortably strapped to a Tandem Instructor to be able to experience freefalling. The AFF level 1 is an introduction to skydiving where the student leaps from the aircraft (being held onto by 2 Instructors), experiences about 50 seconds of freefall, before deploying their own parachute and enjoying the amazing feeling of slowly floating down to the ground, controlling their own canopy before a tip toe landing (the student also has radio communication with their instructor whilst under canopy).

The student and instructors will then sit down (with the other members of the group) and watch the video footage of the skydive.

The training involved consists of a ground school that covers all of the various safety lessons, this usually takes about 6 hours. Then you are ready to put on your equipment and enjoy the ride up to altitude (12,000ft – 15,000ft) before jumping from the aircraft and experiencing the ultimate adrenalin rush!



Your Itinerary


Arriving early evening, you will be introduced to our staff and taken for dinner at either a traditional local Spanish restaurant or a medieval restaurant in the city of Seville. This will be our opportunity to get to know you a little better and fully describe to you the running order of your weekend.






At 10am we will meet at the training centre. This will be on the airfield itself. Breakfast can be taken at the onsite coffee bar/restaurant where a traditional English breakfast is served daily.

After breakfast we will start the ground school training for your AFF Level 1 skydive.

At 2pm we will aim to break for lunch in the centre restaurant.

After lunch an introductory flight on the Powered Parachutes will be made

At 4pm we will re commence the AFF training.

At 6pm you will return back to your accommodation to get ready for evening activities.

At 8pm we will head out for an evening in the City of Seville, (a choice of restaurant will be confirmed with the group during the day and a reservation made). An experienced tour guide will take us around the local bars and clubs.



At 10am we will meet at the training centre.

Breakfast can either be taken in one of the local bars, or at the Centre coffee bar/restaurant.

Begin skydiving!

At 3pm, once all skydives are complete, we will take a late lunch in the local Skydiver’s bar in town and watch the videos from the days skydiving.

At 6pm preparations will be made to depart for your evening flight back to the UK.





Prices based on 1 person and includes: AFF level 1 skydive, introductory Powered Parachute flight, 2 nights hotel, first nights evening meal including drinks, car hire pick up 16:00 Friday and drop off 20:00 Sunday.

Prices do not include food during the stay on Saturday and Sunday, flights.

Jump more, learn more, enjoy more!